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Holyrood Park

Local event in the East of Scotland series

Sat 12th Oct 2013

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: City of Edinburgh

Results now available

Everyone loves Holyrood Park; in spite of its gorse bushes, its inevitable climbing and its (usually) cold and windy conditions.  Today there were many who knew what they were letting themselves in for and a good few who did not know but enjoyed it once they found out!  Lots of students; lots of families, lots of experienced orienteers.   Jack Baker, the Planner from EUOC, made use of the recently updated map of Whinny Hill to test the Green Course runners.  The easier courses went down into Meadowfield Park, where a close eye had to be kept on controls which seemed to move around on their own.  Heavy rain clouds could be seen in the distance, but fortunately they did not soak us.  There were lots of good individual results from Juniors on their own, and lots of families enjoying a new experience.

As ever, we are all grateful to the large team of ESOC and EUOC members who worked long cold shifts to man the Start, the Registration and the Finish, and put out and collect in the controls; without whom these events, enjoyed so much by so many, would not be able to happen.

Janet Clark      Organiser    0131 225 7771


Ultrasprint, Hopetoun House

Sun 22nd Sep 2013

Type of event: Sprint
Near: South Queensferry

Overall Results

Simple Results and Splits

Organiser's comments

The planner, Alistair Hindle, came up with the idea of a circular maze early on, but kept it quiet as long as possible. As orienteers arrived at registration, I heard the rumour of an unusual maze spreading through the queue. Competitors were not disappointed: it was ingeniously confusing to have no clear directions to line up the map.

This event is a rare chance for spectators to see an entire course being run and it was a beautifully sunny day to simply stand and watch. When everything seemed to be working well, I even had time for a run of my own (non-competitively, of course) and demonstrated that knowing all the control sites in advance does not necessarily mean I had to get them right!

A maze requires a forest of stakes, so I am grateful for the loan of stakes from other clubs and non-orienteering organisations to give us an ample supply. I am also very pleased to thank many ESOC members who gave their help. Whether it was a little or a lot, it is this willing help which makes the event run so smoothly.


Lauriston Castle

Local event in the East of Scotland series

Sat 14th Sep 2013

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: City of Edinburgh

Results now available.

Tomorrow it’s going to blow up a terrific storm – so today was enjoyed all the more because we couldn’t believe our luck.  Warm sunshine, no wind, lots of brambles to eat on the way round, scenic views over the Firth of Forth and to Cramond Island (where some people had already visited in the morning).  Croquet players on the lawns.   Good White and Yellow courses for the speedy kids to bomb round.  Orange for braver people.  And a hard Norwegian to stretch the brains of those who thought they knew everything about Lauriston Castle.   Saturday afternoon orienteering at its best.  Very many thanks to Jim and Tyler for planning, Katy for controlling, to a different crew of ESOC helpers from the usual, and to the usual mixture of old and new competitors who make these events so worth while.

Janet Clark   Organiser    0131 225 7771


Long O, Pentland Hills

Sun 18th Aug 2013

Type of event: Long
Near: Penicuik

Results available now.

Apologies for the delay, there was an unofficial version of the software floating around..


Blackford Hill

Sat 13th Jul 2013

Type of event:
Near: City of Edinburgh

Results available now.

Apologies for control 17 on the Light Green being in the wrong-entrant, everyone has been re-instated.

We didn’t know who would come to this event – two weeks into the school holidays – or what colour course they'd want.   It was lovely to welcome old-timers, first-timers, students, people practising for the 6-Day, more Orange people than usual,  everyone who shared this lovely sunny (but not too hot) afternoon on Blackford HIll.  Thank you all for coming, and thank you to the many ESOC members, slightly different people from usual, who did all the necessary jobs to make the event run smoothly.  This is indeed a lovely all-inclusive sport.
It’s good too to let the usual dog-walking population of Blackford HIll see what else the area can be used for.  The Friends of Blackford Hill have asked for an article on orienteering for their next Newsletter, so perhaps some of them will be tempted to come to our next event.

Janet Clark   Organiser    0131 225 7771


Bonaly Park

Local Event

Sat 15th Jun 2013

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: Edinburgh

Results now available


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