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Dalkeith Country Park, SoSOL

Part of ESOC Anniversary Weekend and event 6 of South of Scotland Orienteering League (SoSOL)

Sun 01st Feb 2015

Type of event: District-(C)
Near: Dalkeith

Results available



British Orienteering Rankings

Organisers' Comments - A fine bright sunny day though a bit cold made for perfect conditions at  Dalkeith Country Park  for this SoSOL, the last event in the ESOC 50th Year Celebration Weekend.

There was an excellent turnout of over 230 competitors. It really does make all the work organising events worthwhile when you see so many Orienteers turn up and enjoy themselves on the day.  Thank you to all that participated in the event.

Conditions were generally firm underfoot and the courses benefited from extensive new mapping that had taken place over several months to bring the area up to date with recent changes.

I benefited from excellent support from a long line of individuals who manned car parks, registration, starts, a brilliant team to sort out computing etc.
So thanks to the full team of helpers who turned up and did the job they were are allocated and the other volunteers on the day.

Thanks Mark, the courses were well planned (that’s the competitors' comments). Well done Mark. Thanks also to John for all his time and hard work as Controller.

Organisers' job probably the easiest of the lot as the work is done by the time the event happens, just the tidying up at the end and this time we were all away by 4PM.

Special thanks to Iain Herbert and his staff for all their help and allowing us to use the grounds and computing room of Dalkeith Country Park.

Jim/Tyler Morrison, Organisers

Lost property: 3 items remain unclaimed:

1. Black glove   2. Buff   3. Compass.  To claim any of these items contact:


ESOC Sprint-O incorporating bto SOUL 1

ESOC's 50th Anniversary Weekend starts off with this Sprint O

Sat 31st Jan 2015

Type of event: District-(C), Sprint
Near: Edinburgh

Results now available.

WinSplits: Prologue | Chase

RouteGadget: Prologue | Chase

bto SOUL points

British Orienteering website Results: Prologue | Chase

Thanks to all who came to this anniversary event. Mark's courses were very well received. I have never been among so many runners going in so many directions - you really had to keep your finger on the map. Approximately 2/3 were in the chasing start before going onto 30sec gaps. ESOC helpers were great (as usual); several came to help who weren't running and I appreciated that. It is more difficult to share a job when the start period is only 1 hour. Give someone a job and relax knowing they will get on with it and deal with any problem that crops up. Thanks also to Heriot-Watt Union for its use, perfect on such a cold day (I believe they ran out of cakes), and weren't we lucky with the weather?
Lost: a pair of Trimtex black over trousers, size small, white trim round knees. Please check you didn't accidentally scoop them up with your own clothes.
Fiona Findlay - Organiser.


Cammo Estate

Local event in the East of Scotland Orienteering Association (ESOA) Winter series

Sat 17th Jan 2015

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: Edinburgh

Results now available!

Thank you to everyone who joined us today, hope you had fun!

Hope nobody was too confused by the odd-even Score. There was one scenario that wasn't in the rules, if you missed a control out you got a 2min penalty rather than a DSQ.

Lost Property: A pair of nice black gloves was left on the big log near the Lodge.  Contact Janet Clark to get them back:  Organiser  O131 225 7771


Royal High School and Davidson’s Mains Park

Local event in the East of Scotland Orienteering Association (ESOA) Autumn series

Sat 22nd Nov 2014

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: City of Edinburgh

Results are here. Winsplits results are here.

Organiser's comments

Everyone was a winner today.  The sun shone on us; there were no rugby matches at the Royal High School (letting us use the whole map); Scotland beat Tonga (they had to turn the sound down when we arrived, but we could see bits of the match); loads and loads of people came (probably a record, but I haven't counted them all up yet); everyone was very patient in the queues for Registration and at the Start; Katy’s courses provided something just right for everyone (from little kids on White to top-class orienteers on Norwegian Map Memory); no-one got lost; everyone was back safely before it got dark; the whole atmosphere was amazing.
Grateful thanks to the Royal High School Sports Hub for the indoor room (imagine all those people registering and downloading at a tent); all the members of ESOC who manned the event (and got a bit more than they bargained for); Katy for planning the courses; and most of all, to all of you for coming.

Our next event is at Cammo on 17th January 2015.  It will be every bit as good – don’t miss it.  Details will be on the ESOC website:

Janet Clark      Organiser

Local event in the East of Scotland Orienteering Association (ESOA) Autumn series.


Holyrood Park

Local event in the East of Scotland Orienteering Association (ESOA) Autumn series

Sat 04th Oct 2014

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: City of Edinburgh

The results and splits for the event are now available here

Winsplits for this event is here

Who would have thought, in the pouring rain at 9am, that a lovely sunny afternoon on Holyrood Park awaited us?    The weather forecast did promise an improvement, but it was hard to believe.
I’m afraid that Lukas and his team of helpers from Edinburgh University did get a bit wet putting out controls, but by the afternoon the sun was shining and it was almost warm.  There is no better place for orienteering than Holyrood Park on a lovely autumn afternoon.
It was great to see the whole range of participants, from families of young children to elite orienteers, enjoying the challenges set by the Planner – and there was a course for everyone.  Only the bravest tackled the 445m of climb on the Green Course, though.  It was  a fine co-operative effort by ESOC and EUOC to stage this joint event.  Ben very impressively conjured up live results on wifi.  Thank you very much to everyone who participated.    Results from the ESOC Junior Club Championships, held at this event, will be published later.

Janet Clark        Organiser

Local event in the East of Scotland Orienteering Association (ESOA) Autumn series


Figgate Park

Local event in the East of Scotland Orienteering Association (ESOA) Autumn series

Sat 20th Sep 2014

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: City of Edinburgh

Results available now

WinSplits - more in-depth analysis of split times.

We were lucky today that the wet morning turned into a lovely sunny afternoon, enabling the Figgate Park to be enjoyed at its best.  The live music by the Caleerie Buskers made for a lovely atmosphere, and this event to celebrate the life of Tom Ryan was well supported by both regular orienteers and their families and by local residents who live near the Park.    Several children took the big leap forward into doing a course by themselves for the first time.  Bigger people over 16 were more challenged in the surrounding streets.  Everyone you meet is always very welcoming at the Figgate Park, which encourages us to hold more events here.

Janet Clark     Organiser    0131 225 7771

This event celebrated the life of Tom Ryan who started his orienteering with ESOC.


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