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Hillend Park

Local event in the East of Scotland series, evening event.

Wed 14th May 2014

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: Edinburgh

Results are now available here.

Planners’ comments
It’s difficult to avoid climb at Hillend, especially on the longer courses – but hope you enjoyed the splendid views over the city. The recent ski centre development has restricted the western part of the area, and there have been many changes to paths as a result – the map was updated to take account of these, but much of the vegetation is out of date and will be reviewed.
Thanks to everyone for coming, and apologies for the delay to the publication of the results, which was due to a small technical issue.

- Sally & Andrew Lindsay

Local event in the East of Scotland series. Note it is an evening event.



Local Event

Sat 12th Apr 2014

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: Penicuik

Results are now available here.

The winsplits are here.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon for this local event but what everyone will undoubtedly remember will be the effects of the wind!  It really was a windy afternoon; a day for holding tightly to maps, hats and small children.  Nevertheless everyone seemed to enjoy the challenges presented by the courses.

There were extra challenges, due to the wind, for the organisers.  Most regulars would notice there were no flags, start or finish banners or even the usual amount of signage.  This was all due to wind issues - these simply would not stand up to that level of wind.  The red/white tapes indicating the route to the start did, thankfully, stand up to the onslaught of the wind.  We were fortunate in being able to move the course choice/registration indoors and I'm sure competitors were happier be squashed in a room than to have had to contend with looking at maps and filling in entry forms outside.

We are very thankful to the Army for allowing us to use their building and garden for the event. This was a huge advantage for the organisers as we had access to electricity and toilets - unusual for a local event.    We also extend our thanks to the local farmer/shepherd for tolerating us being there at lambing time.  Our entreaties to everyone to shut gates were heartfelt and we are grateful for all our heeding this.

Thanks to all who helped on the day and to all competitors who came along and enjoyed the orienteering challenges set for them.

Margaret Dalgleish

Local event in the East of Scotland series.


Mary Erskine School and Ravelston Woods

Local event in the East of Scotland series

Sat 22nd Mar 2014

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: City of Edinburgh

The results are now available here.

Organiser's Comments

Good cool conditions for running – yes.  Wet – no.  Windy – only a little.   Varied terrain with easy parkland for Juniors and a wooded area for Orange and Green courses – yes.  Good planning – yes.  A challenge for everyone – I hope so.  Mains electricity and proper toilets – yes.  Mary Erskine and Ravelston Wood ticked all these boxes today.  We were delighted to welcome back lots of the people who have been to our Saturday events before, and lots of new ones who’d heard on the “parentmail” grapevine that it would be fun.   Grateful thanks to the larger than usual team of ESOC helpers and to the very co-operative staff of the Sports Centre.   Hope to see you all again soon.
Lost Property:  Small pair of black gloves with the thumbs cut off.  Contact me to get them back

Janet Clark  Organiser   0131 225 7771

Local event in the East of Scotland series.


Corstorphine Hill

Local event in the East of Scotland series

Sat 01st Mar 2014

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: City of Edinburgh

The results are now available here.

Winsplits are here.

Organiser's Comments

What better way can there be to spend a beautiful spring afternoon than orienteering on Corstorphine Hill? No one was expecting the massive turnout we had - over 100 individuals or groups. It wasn't long before we had to copy out extra maps, and when we ran out of them we had to collect maps from finishers. Some of the yellow maps went around the course 3 times!

Corstorphine Hill is always a challenging area to orienteer in. There are lots of steep slopes and thick vegetation, although it's a little easier to fight through bushes at this time of year. The path network is very good - as long as you know which path you're on.
Lots of people had their first experience of orienteering today. Everyone I spoke to thoroughly enjoyed the courses and the challenge. We hope to see you at another event soon.

Thanks to everyone who attended, particularly for your patience with our shortage of maps. Thanks very much to Jim for planning such interesting courses, and to everyone who helped out on the day. Also, many thanks to the General Teaching Council for letting us use their car park.

Gemma Karatay   Organiser

Local event in the East of Scotland series.


ESOC Sprint O

ESOC's newest area, results now available!

Sun 09th Feb 2014

Type of event: District-(C)
Near: South Queensferry

Simple Results

Winsplits: Prologue | Chase

British Ranking points: Prologue | Chase (no points for chase due to format)

RouteGadget: Prologue | Chase



Local event in the East of Scotland series

Sat 11th Jan 2014

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: Edinburgh

Results now available.

Cammo is the ideal place for orienteering on a winter afternoon.  It’s safe, sheltered, varied and interesting.  It is quite busy with the public, many of them dog-walkers, but there is room for everyone.   We never know how many people are going to turn up on a Saturday (hence the need to copy some extra maps) and today it was a lot.  We're grateful to the Council for letting us use the Lodge as an indoor base for registration and results, and to the Friends of Cammo who do a lot to keep the area in good condition.
Lots of people had their first experience of orienteering today, and hopefully they found it a good one.  Many of the regular users of the grounds enjoyed seeing so many children running about.  Many regular orienteers enjoyed the challenge of new courses here based on the updated Permanent Course.  Lots and lots of Juniors completed their Record Cards and got new ones.   Many of them had already completed a training session at the Royal High School earlier in the day. 
These events don’t happen without a lot of hard work, and I’m grateful to the ESOC members who kept their noses to the grindstone on Registration and Download (in the warm building)  and the Start (on the cold track).  We finished up taking in controls in the moonlight; which was quite fun too.

Janet Clark   Organiser   0131 225 7771


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