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Sun 09th Feb 2014

Type of event: District-(C)
Near: South Queensferry

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Local event in the East of Scotland series

Sat 11th Jan 2014

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: Edinburgh

Results now available.

Cammo is the ideal place for orienteering on a winter afternoon.  It’s safe, sheltered, varied and interesting.  It is quite busy with the public, many of them dog-walkers, but there is room for everyone.   We never know how many people are going to turn up on a Saturday (hence the need to copy some extra maps) and today it was a lot.  We're grateful to the Council for letting us use the Lodge as an indoor base for registration and results, and to the Friends of Cammo who do a lot to keep the area in good condition.
Lots of people had their first experience of orienteering today, and hopefully they found it a good one.  Many of the regular users of the grounds enjoyed seeing so many children running about.  Many regular orienteers enjoyed the challenge of new courses here based on the updated Permanent Course.  Lots and lots of Juniors completed their Record Cards and got new ones.   Many of them had already completed a training session at the Royal High School earlier in the day. 
These events don’t happen without a lot of hard work, and I’m grateful to the ESOC members who kept their noses to the grindstone on Registration and Download (in the warm building)  and the Start (on the cold track).  We finished up taking in controls in the moonlight; which was quite fun too.

Janet Clark   Organiser   0131 225 7771


Royal High School and Davidson’s Mains Park

Local event in the East of Scotland series

Sat 23rd Nov 2013

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: City of Edinburgh

Results now available!

It was pretty busy at the Royal High School Sports Club this afternoon.  Mini-rugby, schools rugby, adult rugby – and orienteering!  We had a nice warm indoor space for Registration, a rather colder outside space for preliminary discussions and looking at the maps, and a newly-extended map of Davidson's Mains Park to include the Royal High School grounds to run on.  There was plenty of room for everyone, and we were delighted to see lots of people trying orienteering for the first time, especially from the Primary Schools Cluster associated with the RHS.
Most of the large team of ESOC helpers nearly lost either their voices or their fingertips or both,  working in the crowded indoor room or the frosty outside; but it was worth it!  Grateful thanks to all of them.  The Park was lovely in the winter sunshine (till the sun went down).
Thanks are also due to the Friends of Davidson’s Mains Park who provided £25 worth of sponsorship in the form of vouchers for non-member families to enter future ESOC events; and to Phil Williams from the Sports Club who helped us enormously with tables, chairs, space for Registration, and generally welcoming us among all the rugby gangs.

Janet Clark, Organiser            0131 225 7771

Local event in the East of Scotland series


Edinburgh Weekend, Cross Country Event

Sun 10th Nov 2013

Type of event: District-(C)
Near: Edinburgh

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Comments - Organiser

Plenty of people have had bad experiences on the Pentland Hills; but today our luck was in.  I heard quite  a few people say something along the lines of: “ I think I'll come back to Dreghorn; it’s not so bad after all.  That's what we want!  It was at its best today, with bonus views of snow-covered hills to the north.  Icy north-facing slopes remained slippery all day, but the sun was warm in the sheltered spots.  It was lovely watching the kids on the String Course silhouetted against the sky on the ridge of Chucklie Knowe.
Grateful thanks to the Controller John Biggar for keeping us right in several small but important ways.  Terry’s courses were much praised.  On a good day,there's nothing to beat a good run on the Pentlands!  Thank you to all who helped and all who competed on the day.

Janet Clark  Organiser    0131 225 7771

LOST PROPERTY  One single black ski-glove; quite small size.  Contact me if it’s yours.


Edinburgh Weekend Urban Race

Sat 09th Nov 2013

Type of event: District-(C)
Near: Edinburgh

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NopeSport Urban League

Scottish Orienteering Urban League

Comments - Planner

I am very pleased with how this event went, the number of positive comments I got on the day far outweighed the negative, always a plus!

I've always wanted to plan a higher ranked urban event, it is my favourite Orienteering discipline so I felt I could have a good stab at planning a course that was both interesting and challenging. Graeme (Ackland) had offered part of his South-Edinburgh-Megamap for this race, so I was happy to jump at it, and he was happy to get some extra exposure for his Race the Castles series of races in October next year. A big thank you to Graeme as he agreed to be controller too! Big thanks to Judy for organising and a mention also to my parents for their huge amounts of help in the week before the race, as well as Janet for her early work as stand-in organiser.

The planning experience for this race was complicated somewhat by my moving house from practically on the map to South Yorkshire earlier in the year. Most of this race was armchair planned with only a handful of visits to an area I've gone through twice a day for nearly two years. While the courses didn't suffer because of this perhaps the fine-tuning an event of this stature requires was lacking in places. Apologies to any who were affected by the incorrect control description (it was in fact a bush, not a tree!), a couple of numbers/circles that weren't quite spotted as being in the way of potential routes, as well as the lack of communication of the two-sided maps for courses 1 and 2. I do also feel a bit for the chap who missed out a control on a straight line after travelling some distance for the race, this control was added last minute in order to make the leg into 123 less trivial and after some debate with Graeme we decided the courses were better with it there.

The courses, I think, turned out well. The junior course was a bit limited by the main roads through the area but they had a fair challenge in the Steils, not too easy for the older juniors but still manageable for the younger juniors. All the other courses shared a general theme, some short legs in the Steils followed by the big route choice leg into Oxgangs then all that followed. In fact all the courses were derived from the Men's Open, not only did this ease the amount of work but it meant everyone had the best of the area. I was pleased the WSV's I talked to were happy to have the same long leg as everyone else! I think most people went East on the long leg, perhaps it was less 50/50 than I thought, it was really there as a confidence and pre-planning test, did you pass? The 20 or so people I saw coming out of 117 didn't look particularly confident in their direction! It will be very interesting to see RouteGadet :)

Congratulations to everyone who achieved their desired result. I look forward to seeing you all at the NUL and SOUL events next year, bring it on!

Andrew Dalgleish, ESOC

Lost Property

A garmin device was handed in to lost property, if it's yours please get in touch.


Holyrood Park

Local event in the East of Scotland series

Sat 12th Oct 2013

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: City of Edinburgh

Results now available

Everyone loves Holyrood Park; in spite of its gorse bushes, its inevitable climbing and its (usually) cold and windy conditions.  Today there were many who knew what they were letting themselves in for and a good few who did not know but enjoyed it once they found out!  Lots of students; lots of families, lots of experienced orienteers.   Jack Baker, the Planner from EUOC, made use of the recently updated map of Whinny Hill to test the Green Course runners.  The easier courses went down into Meadowfield Park, where a close eye had to be kept on controls which seemed to move around on their own.  Heavy rain clouds could be seen in the distance, but fortunately they did not soak us.  There were lots of good individual results from Juniors on their own, and lots of families enjoying a new experience.

As ever, we are all grateful to the large team of ESOC and EUOC members who worked long cold shifts to man the Start, the Registration and the Finish, and put out and collect in the controls; without whom these events, enjoyed so much by so many, would not be able to happen.

Janet Clark      Organiser    0131 225 7771


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