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Image of the Mary Erskine and Ravelston Woods map

Mary Erskine School and Ravelston Woods, 17th Mar

ESOC local event in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Best for beginners and improvers and experienced orienteers looking for training

Results are here

Winsplits are here

LOST PROPERTY: A pair of blue/white ski gloves (possibly child size) were found on the sofa in Reception.  We aren't sure if they belong to an orienteer or one of the many others who were using the facilities today so they have been left at the Mary Erskine Sports Centre reception and can be collected from there.

ORGANISER'S COMMENTS: The freezing cold was the main thing to contend with for all helpers today. Very grateful indeed to all who put up with this to make the event happen.  People soon get warm running about, but not sitting at a table filling in forms!  We're very grateful to the staff at the Sports Centre too, who allowed us to partly move inside. 

PLANNER'S COMMENTS: Thanks to everyone who came to enjoy the courses today despite the "Mini Beast from the East" making an appearance and giving us some very cold weather.  I hope you have all warmed up now!
Mary Erskine is a great little area with a range of terrain, and I aimed to make the longer courses as challenging as possible by keeping the legs short.  This did make the courses fairly dense in terms of controls near each other and legs crossing over, which probably made it a bit trickier sometimes to work out where you were actually supposed to go next!  The west part of the wood is particularly good and all of the longer courses got into that section.  The longer courses also all had the control in the middle of the tunnel, and I know not everyone loved crawling through that but thought it would be something a bit different for you!
After doing the armchair planning, I moved various controls to avoid some of the muddier and steeper parts of the wood and also some controls moved because of the difficulty of sticking them into the ground or attaching them to something. There was construction work over in the south-east which was mapped as at last weekend with the out of bounds shading etc. but had all changed again by the time we were there today, so sorry about that but I'm sure you call coped no problem.
Since the green criss-crossed such a lot, I put the light green together as another option, and this simply used controls from other courses so was an easy thing to add as another option.  Not many people ran that course as it turned out!
It was brilliant to see so many recently joined ESOC members at the event, and thank you to everyone who helped with all of the different jobs.



Socials for Spring into Summer 2018

A great opportunity to meet other ESOC members outside of a more formal event.

The lighter nights are almost here and these bring the opportunity to do some fun stuff without having to bring a head torch.  


March social 2018

Monday 12 March

"A night in Nashville."


CompassSport Cup Scottish Heat 2018

Beecraigs, 11 March

Undaunted by mud and snow, ESOC have qualified for the CompassSport Cup Final!


Scottish Sprint Championships 2018

Stirling University, 10 March

Over 40 ESOC members competed at the Scottish Sprint Championships, which was also the fourth event in the 2018 Scottish Orienteering Urban League, with some great results including 6 class winners. 


SOUL 3, 2108

Tweedbank / Melrose, 25 February

The third event in the 2018 Scottish Orienteering Urban League was a double sprint, organised by Roxburgh Reivers, and saw some great results from ESOC, including 3 class winners.


British Night Championships 2018

Merthyr Mawr, 24 February

Just a few ESOC members travelled to South Wales for this year’s British Night Championships weekend.


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