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Image of the Cammo map

Cammo Estate, 15th Jan

ESOC Local Event in Edinburgh and Lothians

ESOC's second local event of 2022 and it's only 15th January!

The results are available here  (apologies to several who were missed off the provisional results). Click on the 'Display splits' button to compare your performance with others.

ORGANISER'S COMMENTS: I volunteered to organise the annual Cammo Local event as it is only a 5-minutes’ walk from where we live and a regular dog walking area.  I always knew that pre-Covid this was a popular event for everyone but it was especially pleasing that post-Covid it was equally popular. We had 150 pre-entries (with ~180 individuals) and so many newcomers we needed the whole ESOC stock of hired dibbers as well as an emergency print run of maps.  David’s contact with local schools led to a very healthy proportion of families, for a lot of whom this was their first ever event. Fortunately we could summon enough ESOC helpers to give them some instruction. Thanks to them and all the other helpers who make the job of organising on the day so enjoyable.

The courses planned by Oli Warlow (approved by controller Peter Halling) were much appreciated by all levels of experience, the weather played its part and everyone seemed to have a good time. Some unexpected recent work at Cammo including a forest of canes marking some new, soon to be planted, hedge lines and wreaths of donated Christmas trees around the isolated trees, in the 3 main Cammo fields, just added to the atmosphere. A major map update will be required before the next event to include a formal wetland area (complete with boardwalks) to be installed in the South Field this Spring and some new features the Friends of Cammo have been adding as wildlife habitats eg a big pile of stones.  All the good work at the estate by the Friends of Cammo (who were very helpful in the run up to the event) including archaeological surveys can be seen on their Facebook page.

Jayne MacGregor



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