Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


ESOC in CompassSport

The forthcoming issue of CompassSport magazine will include an article about some of ESOC's recent activities.


Saughton Park Sprint Challenge

Over weekend 31st October/1st November

Long, Short and Scatter courses available on this brand new map


Blackford Hill Challenge (10th/11th October) Results and Comments

Eleanor Pyrah, Planner, reflects on how the Challenge evolved over the weekend. 


ESOC’s October Turf Challenge

Sunday 4 October

ESOC’s 3rd Turf Challenge brought lots of action around the city and beyond, with international success!


Blackford Hill Challenge

Green, Orange and Yellow courses

Weekend 10th and 11th October


Eager Ferret – How to catch the medal!

Our Scotland Zone-Setter, Kingslayer, gives some tips on how to win the coveted Eager Ferret medal.


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