Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


ESOC : Scottish Inter-Club Champions

ESOC regain the Scottish Inter-Club Championships Trophy at Rachan & Dreva Hill on Sunday 2 November 2008.

(Overall & individual points added 6 November 2008)

The Scottish Inter-Club Championships (SICC) is based on individual scores at the annual Scottish Score Championships. The calculations are complex, involving normalising factors to allow the scores from over 20 classes, running 3 different courses, to be combined to give a team total. The normalising factors take account of course run, age and sex and a maximum of 18 competitors count in any club’s points’ tally. A good ESOC turnout, and some excellent runs, helped the club reclaim the SICC (Large Clubs) Trophy at the Tinto Twin Day event on 2 November 2008.

Thanks to everyone who turned up to support the club; overall scores for the Large Clubs competition and individual points for those who contributed to the ESOC winning total below.

Large Clubs competition
1 ESOC     17805
2 INT       10218
3 CLYDE     8282
4 FVO         7196
5 GRAMP     6589
6 INVOC     1885
7 MAROC     503

Individual SICC points
Bill GAULD         1236
Eleanor PYRAH   1113
Chris McLEOD     1046
Jim CLARK         1036
Sally LINDSAY     1015
Norma COUTTS   1011
Mark McLEOD     1011
Rona LINDSAY     1000
Craig NOLAN       1000
Martin QUIRKE     1000
Helena NOLAN       996
Janet CLARK         978
David KERSHAW     938
Jo MITCHELL         921
Janice NISBET       896
Crawford LINDSAY 882
Andrew LINDSAY   881
Mark KASSYK       845