Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


SoSOL5 - 2010/11

John Muir Country Park, 27 February

This was an enjoyable event in the woods and dunes of John Muir Country Park, just west of Dunbar – at this time of year, the woods are very runnable, though there were some very wet sections.  As a result, times were significantly shorter than at SoSOL4 in most cases.  The weather was dry with a little sun, and a cool breeze.

ESOC competitors in the top half of the results were:
  Brown (15 competitors) – Tyler Morrison 7th=
  Blue (35 competitors) – Andrew Dalgleish 1st, Ross Sanderson 2nd, Keith Brown 3rd, Ben Bate 9th, Finlay Ross 12th, Helena Nolan 15th, Jennifer Gallier 17th
  Green (27) – Alastair Lessells 3rd, Margaret Dalgleish 5th, Elspeth Bleakley 6th, Bill Gauld 7th, Sally Lindsay 10th, Clare Williams 11th, Raphael Bleakley 14th
  Lime / Light Green (15) – David Matthews 5th
  Yellow (12) – Kerry Wood 2nd, Ben Brown 6th
  White (15) – Rachel Brown 2nd, Heidi Ross 8th

Full results and comments are on the 2011 results page of the ELO website.


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