Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


April Social 2019

Monday 1 April

Alistair Lessells reports on the April Fool’s Day Social

As this was the first social of the year where a head torch would not be required, I decided to give it a go. As it turned out, this was an excellent decision, as we were treated to a first class 1:5000 urban map, courtesy of Graham Ackland. Mark had cleverly combined two of Graham’s maps to produce an A3 size map for the event. The combination produces a fantastic area for urban orienteering and Mark had then produced what at first sight appeared rather a complicated challenge, although in fact it was much easier to understand once you got started.

There were 4 components:-

A. Controls 1-15 consisted of 15 permanent course control posts in St Katherine’s park, which were not individually mapped – each with an associated letter. These were worth 10 points each.
B. 8 post boxes – each worth 20 points.
C. 10 varied questions(lampposts/water hydrants/ telephone numbers/etc) – each worth 30 points.
D. 9 wooden animal sculptures – 6 near the start/finish and 3 in the park – each worth 40 points.

In addition, you got 200 extra points for getting all the controls in each section and also a further 200 points for the post box which was marked incorrectly on the map(wrong side of the street). It was April Fool’s day! There was a choice of 45 or 60 minutes with a 50 point penalty for each minute late. 

I intended to do the 60 minute, but with fading light  I changed to the 45, while others(Katy and Eleanor) had intended to do the 45, but were enjoying it so much that they stayed out for longer. 18 people competed – 9 on each course. The 60 minute course was won by Alison, with a very impressive score of 1,750(max 1,970). The leading male was announced on the night as Mike, but the following day I received an e-mail from Mark, indicating that after a late recount, Ewart was the winner with 1,170 points. In the 45 minute event, it was a very close affair – Les 980 ; Robert 990 and myself 1,000. This probably explains why I was asked to write up the report! Fran was the leading lady with a score of 630.

The food and drink provided by Jeni, ably assisted by Catherine and Adam, was much appreciated by the runners, and several members who had come for the social. The final element of the evening was a Special Prize for the best joke, with Adam indicating that he had appointed himself Head Judge. The winner was Mike.

“Who is the Capital guy in ESOC”?  Answer -  Mike Stewart. How on earth did that win? I can only suggest a significant bribe to Adam!