Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


April Social 2020

Monday 6 April

The suspension of all orienteering due to Covid-19 meant the March social had to be cancelled, but soon a virtual social was planned, using Zoom. Around 15 people joined the call and enjoyed a variety of activities. 

Fran Daley wrote a poem to mark the occasion:

What do you do in these times of gloom?
….. you set up a social on the new-fan-dangled thing called Zoom!
The rules were quite simple for those who could make it -
A drink, a forested background, and your favourite o-kit.

To get in the mood we played “would you rather”?
You had to choose (not dilly or dather),
Speyside or Deeside as your favourite place;
And thumb or base plate to win the ‘o’ race!

We then had some bingo, with an ‘o’ theme
And a Waitrose bog roll for the winning team.
The ‘o’ description picture from the IOF bible,
Had to match with the words in bingo table.

Some ‘o’ You-tube films were last on the pile,
With some acrobatic Moravians out at Roseisle.
Another film featured pros getting lost,
A placing at the Jukola is what it cost.

Thank you to those who joined in the fun,
There’s another on the 11th being chaired by my mum.
You may need to bear with her whilst she works on the tech,
But if we are speaking and laughing who gives a heck?!!