Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


August Social 2010

Monday 2nd August

Report of August Social - Inverleith Park - Monday 2nd August
The highlight of the night was the new map of Inverleith Park, produced for the occasion by Martin.  Many of the people who came to the event lived locally and walked or cycled to the Park; and everyone’s reaction was: why did we never have this map before?  Well, it is thanks to Martin’s energy and mapping skill that we have it now. 
We placed a few controls and devised a few options, some more energetic than others.  Most people either ran the Score Course or sprinted round the perimeter, or both.  A smaller number visited odd- or even-numbered controls on map memory.  Fewer still applied their minds to filling in the blank columns on the Control Descriptions.  Back at the house, hardly anyone submitted their sheets for checking; and the method of determining a “winner” was pretty loose anyway.
Honorable mentions go to Crawford, Rona, Roger and Ewart for physical and mental effort.  Several other people learnt a bit about control descriptions.  Everyone appreciated Martin’s map.  We said goodbye to Cedric, who will be returning to France soon, and hallo in advance to Jeni and Mark’s baby, due on 25th August.  Great social evening; many thanks to all who came and helped to make it such a success.
Janet Clark