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Blackford Hill Challenge

Green, Orange and Yellow courses

This Challenge is over the weekend of 10th and 11th October 2020

ESOC is proud to offer three new courses on Blackford Hill using a fully revised and extended map which includes the disused  golf course to the south of the existing map.  The Start and Finish are near the Observatory.  There are Yellow, Orange and Green courses.   The Planner is Eleanor Pyrah. 

These courses are open to all to run at a time of your own choice over the weekend of 10th/11th October and will be available on MaprunF  - in the EdinburghO folder - from Thursday 8th October at 18.00 (to allow time for people to print maps).

Note that if you want to print a pdf copy of one of the course maps you will find them on the Maprun section on SOA website and will be called 'Blackford ESOC October Challenge' followed by course colour.  These are different from the Blackford Hill courses already there without the words ESOC October Challenge in the title.
If you prefer not to use MaprunF, you can record your own time and enter it into the Google-form at this link.  These times will be merged with those recorded on Maprun F over the two days 10 and 11 October and published on the ESOC website as an informal set of Results.  (The courses will remain available on MaprunF afterwards).

In common with all our MapRunF courses there will be nothing other than the beep on your phone to confirm you are at the control (taken on trust for those not using MapRunF) when you take on the Orange and Green courses. We are however going to put out small yellow tapes at each Yellow course control site for the benefit and safety of juniors. Note there will be no numbers on the tapes and they should not be touched. The tapes will ONLY be there on 10/11 October.

Planner Eleanor advises that long grass and other vegetation are still significant on Blackford Hill.  The area also has many steep crags and a river running through. These and the weather, should influence choice of clothing. In particular for the green course, studded shoes are recommended. This is not an event but it's still important to dress appropriately and to choose a course suitable for your own abilities. 

Everyone choosing to take up the challenge of one of the courses on Blackford Hill does so at their own risk.

Please do not go to Blackford Hill if you or any of your household are feeling unwell (particularly with the Covid-19 symptoms of fever, new cough, loss of taste/smell), are self-isolating, in quarantine or are travelling from an area in Local Lockdown. 

It is your responsibility to abide by all the prevailing (as of 10/11Oct) Scottish Government COVID guidelines eg please do not car share with others outwith your household.

Please do:
- Be considerate to all other park users
- Maintain 2m social distancing at all times and be especially aware on narrow tracks, blind corners and around the control sites (waiting your turn if necessary)
- Avoid the temptation to gather with any other orienteers you encounter (as per the Rule of 6)
- Bring your own PPE as required for your comfort (eg masks if busy and hand sanitiser as there are some gates).
- If you take your dog keep them under very close control and do not allow them to approach anyone.

Finally, please register your results on the Google-form as above even if you don't finish as it will provide a list of attendees for Test and Protect if needed.

You should also read and abide by the BOF Code of Conduct.



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