Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


British Championships 2010

This weekend saw the British Orienteering Championships on Cannock Chase, there were a handful of ESOC members there with some very good results!

Full results can be found on the Walton Chasers website

Saturday - Individual

It was once again the ESOC women showing us how it’s done by coming near the top of their respective leaderboards.  The outstanding result of the day has to go to Rona Lindsay with a fantastic silver medal in W16A, well done!  Sarah O’Neil was also 2nd, in W21L.  Stephanie Moss, Eleanor Pyrah and Janice Nisbet were also present in the top 10 of their classes.

W16A - Rona Lindsay, 2nd
W35L - Stephanie Moss, 5th
W65L - Eleanor Pyrah, 6th
W55L - Janice Nisbet, 9th
W21L - Sarah O’Neil, 2nd

The following runners were in the top half of the results for their classes, well done all!

M16A - Andrew Lindsay, 15th
W60L - Fiona Findlay, 16th
M60L - Dave Kershaw, 19th
M60L - Roger Scrutton, 37th

Sunday Relays

Some of the relay teams were somewhat depleted after recent injury issues but two teams remained strong; the women’s open team and our M60 team.

The M60s (SpotESOCs) narrowly missed out on a medal in a very competitive class, coming back in 4th place.  I’m sure all 3 members of the team; Roger Scrutton, Dave Kershaw and Ian Pyrah are all very happy with this result, congratulations!

All 3 members of the women’s open team, ‘SparklESOCs’; Rona Lindsay, Helena Nolan and Sarah O’Neill, produced excellent runs to bring the team back in 6th place.

Due to the missing runners our W50 team had to find a runner from another club, so Eleanor Pyrah and Sally Lindsay ran with Sheila Strain of ELO, they came a very respectable 7th place.