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Burns Night Social - 2013

Monday 21 January 2013

Burns Social

It was great to see so many people braving the snow and slippery pavements to come to this year’s Burns Social at the Fawthrops’ house. The run was themed around battleships, which gave a score event with a difference; whether a control was a ‘hit’ or not affected your strategy.

There is no doubt that the conditions were awkward, and everybody covered a much shorter distance than they would have done otherwise. The short and long courses were based on the same grid. Anyone running the short course was given more hints as to where the ships were in the board.

Alison won the short course, sinking three of the five ships. Rona came second and Sally third. David Lane won the prize for highest percentage of misses, and Rona won the prize for highest percentage of hits. On the long course, people covered much more distance despite the snow. Andrew L won, also sinking 3 ships. Clare came second and Dave Kershaw third. Crawford had the highest percentage of misses and Roger had the highest percentage of hits.

After the race a traditional Burns night followed. We imagined the pipes as Peter Fawthrop brought the haggis in. Peter Coutts addressed the haggis, and we all tucked in. The food was delicious, and the dishes were all empty in a very short time. The spread of puddings afterwards was very impressive. Many thanks to all the volunteer cooks.

After dinner, Brian toasted the lassies. Slightly embarrassingly, none of us had prepared a reply. Oops. I suppose there’s always next year…

Gemma Karatay


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