Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


Burns Night Social - 2023

Monday 23 January

A couple of days in advance of the night itself, the Club's annual (except for years when the dreaded C word intervenes) Burns Supper was held in Church Hill, Morningside, once again marvellously hosted by Janice and Brian, with an attendance of nigh on 40. The runners pounded happily round the Royal Mail's post boxes near and far as devised by Ian Pyrah, on a delightful - by January standards - evening. Some collected every post box going, be that a standard standalone post box, a wall-mounted one, or a twin-slot special, which are surprisingly numerous. Snail mail must still be very popular amongst the Morningside residents! Some runners were caught out by the ultra-draconian penalty system to encourage people to get back in time for the eats! The chocolate prizes were very well received!

The Haggis was addressed as is usual and with much aplomb, by Peter Coutts, ably assisted by Mark Kassyk! The bountiful provision of haggis, tatties, neeps and clapshot was soon all but consumed in repeat helpings, as was the later course of puddings. Thanks to the many home caterers from the Monday Ladies running group, who once again ensured that everyone went home with stomachs suitably filled.

Appreciation of the Bard was eloquently and elegantly expressed by Howard Williams who provided the post-meal entertainment, culminating in a rendition of Auld Lang Syne and the traditional joining of hands. Many thanks to those who contributed to make the evening such a success!

- Mark Rowe (ESOC Social Co-ordinator)


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Addressing the haggis, Walter Clark

Addressing the haggis