Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


Carlisle Urban Event 2021

16 October 2021

The Carlisle Urban Event was organised by Border Liners Orienteering Club. The courses started in parkland near the River Eden, north of the town centre, and junior courses stayed in the parkland, while the seniors crossed the main roads via underpasses and/or a footbridge, visiting busy pedestrian areas in the town centre, quieter parts near the cathedral, and newer development elsewhere. The terrain was varied, with old buildings and narrow alleyways giving some tricky route choice. Junior courses stayed in the parkland. The weather was cloudy and cool, but remained dry.

ESOC results:
Course A (7 competitors) – Simon Gregersen 1st, Vicente Lopez 2nd
Course B (20) – Walter Clark 6th, Sabine Oechsner 10th (2nd in WO)
Course C (35) – Katherine Kirk 21st
Course D (30) – Crawford Lindsay 2nd, Les Dalgleish 10th, Roger Scrutton 14th, Sally Linday 16th=
Course E (16) – Margaret Dalgleish 2nd
Course G (8) – Thea Thomas 1st

Full results, including Routegadget, are on the Carlisle event page of the Border Liners website.


Image Gallery

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Treasury Court, Carlisle, Sally Lindsay

Treasury Court, Carlisle

Finkle Street, Carlisle, Crawford Lindsay

Finkle Street, Carlisle

Carlisle Cathedral, Sally Lindsay

Carlisle Cathedral

Abbey Gatehouse, Carlisle, Sally Lindsay

Abbey Gatehouse, Carlisle