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Eager Ferret – How to catch the medal!

Our Scotland Zone-Setter, Kingslayer, gives some tips on how to win the coveted Eager Ferret medal.


Example of zones in Stockbridge (which are closely guarded by ESOCJanet!)

TURF! What is it all about?

Find out about Turf from our zone maker for Scotland, Kingslayer! (This article appeared in the September issue of Capital-O.)



Introduction to this category.


Doctor-O: Problem 5

I have been following your advice and want to step up from local events to events in the South of Scotland Orienteering League (SoSOL). On the day of such competitions, what should I do to prepare for success once I arrive at the event and in the three boxes at the start?


Doctor-O: Problem 4

Can you suggest how I can improve my recall / interpretation of control descriptions? I can get confused between them and features on maps.


Doctor-O: Problem 3

I am trying to follow coaches' advice and work my way through to more difficult levels of courses. This means that I can panic and forget all the things I should be trying to do and, on occasion, I have been completely lost. Is it permissible to carry a crib sheet while competing?  If so, what should it contain?


Doctor-O : Problem 2

I find it very hard to find controls in forests, particularly boggy forests. I find them featureless and it's hard to maintain a bearing, so I often get completely confused (and at times have been lost). What can I do to stop this happening?


Doctor-O: Problem 1

I am neither a great runner nor interpreter of maps.  Which should I try to improve first, and why?