Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


Coaching & Training: White and Yellow courses

This is the second article in a series by Roger Scrutton. Following on from the introduction to Coaching and Training, this article discusses coaching and training at Steps A-D in the Step System, equating to Stages 1 and 2 in the Long Term Athlete Development framework. There are useful ideas here for more experienced orienteers too.


An Introduction to Coaching and Training

This is the first of a series of articles by Roger Scrutton, on how you might improve your orienteering through coaching and training, by yourself (so-called self-coaching), with a friend, or with a coach. In this introduction a distinction is made between coaching and training, and we look at the Step System as a framework for progressing in the sport.


Coaching & Training

ESOC offers a range of options for both junior and senior members.


Coaching videos

A series of useful coaching videos entitled “Get Up To Speed”.


Bruntsfield Links, 19 December

Special festive Wednesday evening session led by Ian Pyrah.


Blackford Hill, 21 November

Wednesday evening session led by Ian Pyrah.


Braidburn Valley Park, 31 October

Wednesday evening session - Spooky-O, led by Judy Bell


Astley Ainslie, 24 October

Wednesday evening session led by Ian Pyrah



Covenanters Wood, 12 September

Wednesday evening session on start routine training, led by Judy Bell


A Presentation to Roger

Roger Scrutton hands over management of Wednesday evening training sessions at RHS

Brian Miller writes about the high esteem Roger is held in by Club members and the presentation on his 'retirement' from managing the winter training sessions at the Royal High School.