Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


Training - Covenanters Wood, 12 September

Sally Lindsay reports:
“The meeting place for this session was by the old bridge over the Braid Burn at Redford Road. The bridge provided a good flat area for our warm-up drills, running to and fro around cones in various ways. Then we were off along the track to a point further into the wood for the main exercise.
Judy had prepared a series of small maps for us to practice the start routine, and we all received an A4 sheet with several sections of a course on it, each with its own start triangle, in various combinations, so that people weren’t all going to the same place at the same time. The idea was to carry out a series of starts. Each start point was marked by tape, and from that point, you had to imagine that you were at the start for an event, check your compass, count to 5, and only then look at the relevant map section, to practice quickly deciding the best route to the first control. Having found it, the next start point was close by, and we repeated the exercise with the next map segment, gradually progressing round the woods until we’d had enough, or ran out of time.
We reconvened at the central point, by which time it was fairly dark, and there was much discussion about the map and the best routes as we made our way back to the bridge. Another useful session.”