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Covid Travel Restrictions

Recently there has been lots of chat on the ESOC WhatsApp group about the COVID travel guidelines (some of which are now in law) with respect to Local Authority levels and travel between them. So in an attempt to clarify the issues (so you can each make your own informed decision) here is the situation as of 16:30 on 24th November.

With regard to ESOC events and activities there is a distinction between activities that are registered with British Orienteering and those that aren’t.

ESOC Registered events and activities: These are all registered with British Orienteering, they can involve up to 200 participants, must have a risk assessment signed off by the COVID officer and must adhere to the SOA guidelines as agreed with SportScotland.  For ESOC these include:

- Events as listed on the ESOC website under 'Events'
- Wednesday Club Nights
- Ladies Monday Running
- Some MapRun Challenges – please refer to the relevant webpage for such challenges.

ESOC Non registered activities: These are not registered with British Orienteering and those taking part should adhere to the Scottish Government guidelines (which limits participants to groups of 6 from 2 households).  These include:

- Some MapRun Challenges – please refer to the relevant webpage for such challenges.
- Turf challenges

NOTE 1: For the avoidance of doubt, from now on it will be made clear on the web item for every activity/challenge whether it is registered or not.


The SOA published updated guidelines yesterday (Tuesday 24th November). The key points in these guidelines relating to travel are:

- Travel restrictions are now separated for those aged 17 and under, and those aged 18 and above. 
- Travel of around 5 miles is allowed from a L3 or L4 area to undertake outdoor non-contact sport and exercise for adults and under 18s.  This can be by car to the place of the activity.  The 5 miles is from the local authority area (not from your home)
- We have also updated the language in the planners and controllers section  


The full Scottish Government Guidelines can be found here   These include links to travel guidelines, a list of which local authorities are in which level (as of today) and a link to a very handy set of local authority boundary maps.

We hope you will take time to read all the relevant guidelines to help you decide about entering, taking part in and travelling to ESOC events and activities.  If however you are still unsure please get in touch. 

Jayne MacGregor ESOC COVID Officer