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Edinburgh Big Weekend 2016

22-24 January

The first event of the weekend was a night event on Friday 22 January at King’s Buildings, planned by Andrew Lindsay. This was part of the EUOC “Fight with the Night” series, and had by far the largest attendance ever, so the campus was very busy. Terrain at KB includes complex buildings, alleyways, courtyards, dead ends and even a section of railway track. Underfoot was mostly tarmac or paving, with some grassy areas, which were quite muddy. Both short and long courses were gaffled, with butterfly loops, and interesting route choice. The weather was mild and fine.

ESOC results in the top half were:
Long (100 competitors) – Laura Robertson 15th, Rona Lindsay 36th, Walter Clark 39th, Jonathan Ellis 43rd
Short (103 competitors) – Claire Ward 2nd, Helen Bridle 4th, Crawford Lindsay 12th, Roger Scrutton 17th, Rachel Brown 19th, Ben Brown 23rd, Kerry Wood 25th, Sally Lindsay 39th, Les Dalgleish 42nd=, Margaret Dalgleish 46th.

The Edinburgh City Race was on Saturday 23 January, with the assembly area on the Meadows. There were 2 starts – the shortest and longest courses started in George Square, while everyone else started further west, in an alley off Fountainbridge. The terrain was varied, including university buildings around George Square, the narrow closes and steep steps of the Old Town, the modern buildings and confusing multi-levels of the Exchange, and finally the flat grass of the Meadows. The longest courses visited Dumbiedykes and the Southside too. As ever, there was a lot of route choice, and local knowledge was a disadvantage in some places, because the map or buildings had changed since the last time. The weather was mild, and dull but dry.

ESOC prize-winners were Laura Robertson, who won the Women’s Open race; Ray Ward, 2nd in Veteran Men; Alastair Lessells, 3rd in Ultravet Men; Eleanor Pyrah, 3rd in Ultravet Women; Maja Robertson, 2nd in Young Junior Women.

Other ESOC results in the top half were:
Open Men (96 competitors) – Andrew Dalgleish 21st, Andrew Lindsay 32nd, Jonathan Ellis 41st, Craig Nolan 44th 
Open Women (78) – Rona Lindsay 7th, Helen Bridle 16th, Andrea Davison 35th
Veteran Men 40+ (55) – Walter Clark 7th, Mark Wood 11th, Jim Martin 20th, Mark Rowe 21st, Ronnie Nolan 28th
Veteran Women 40+ (53) – Heather Thomson 4th, Alison Cunningham 5th, Fran Daley 9th, Helena Nolan 16th, Judy Bell 25th
Supervet Men 55+ (53) – Martin Caldwell 5th, Crawford Lindsay 9th, Mike Stewart 22nd 
Supervet Women 55+ (44) – Sally Lindsay 10th, Margaret Dalgleish 15th
Ultravet Men 65+ (32) – Ian Pyrah 5th, Ben Bate 6th, Roger Scrutton 7th, Les Dalgleish 13th
Ultravet Women 65+ (20) – Mary Williams 4th, Fiona Findlay 8th, Anne Stevenson 10th
Junior Men 16- (11) – Ben Brown 5th
Junior Women 16- (15) – Rachel Brown 6th, Kerry Wood 7th

Some of the ESOC contingent went to the ceilidh on Saturday evening, which was very well-attended, with much dancing and the traditional address to the haggis, as well as the City Race prizegiving, and a raffle.

On Sunday 24 January, the second South of Scotland Orienteering League event of the season was held in Holyrood Park. The assembly area was near the south end of Salisbury Crags, and again there were 2 starts. Longer courses had a high start, SE of the main summit, while the low start was near at hand in the col above Hunter’s Bog. Some courses had a double-sided map, with the larger scale Whinny Hill map on one side, and the full Holyrood Park map on the other, turning over partway through the course (twice, in the case of Short Green). There were controls throughout the area, and there was a lot of climb, as courses looped around Crow Hill, Whinny Hill, Dunsapie Hill and across to the long slope E of Salisbury Crags. The weather was windy, though very mild, and it was dry, but quite damp underfoot in places.

There was an enormous ESOC entry, and ESOC results in the top half were as follows:
Brown (76 competitors) – Laura Robertson 23rd, Craig Nolan 34th, Andrew Dalgleish 37th
Blue (129) – Ray Ward 3rd, Rona Lindsay 10th, Alistair Hindle 12th, Walter Clark 14th, Crawford Lindsay 29th, Jim Martin 37th, Mike Stewart 42nd, Keith Brown 43rd, Dave Nisbet 44th, Mark Rowe 46th, Mark Wood 47th, Finlay Ross 61st
Green (108) – Alison Cunningham 2nd, Heather Thomson 4th, Martin Caldwell 5th, Alastair Lessells 12th, Fran Daley 15th, Roger Scrutton 16th, Kerry Wood 20th, Alistair Armitage 21st, Helena Nolan 25th, Ben Bate 29th, Rachel Fawthrop 34th, Maggie Scrugham 36th, Les Dalgleish 37th, Sally Lindsay 38th, Ben Brown 40th, Judy Bell 50th
Short Green (50) – Margaret Dalgleish 4th, Mary Williams 5th, Anne Stevenson 9th, Jim Clark 13th, Eleanor Pyrah 14th, Janet Clark 15th, Fiona Findlay 18th, Leonne Hutchinson 19th, Steve Clayton 20th, Anne Thom 24th
Light Green (36) – Rachel Brown 1st, David McPhillips 7th
Orange (25) – Heidi Ross 1st, Jamie Lawlor 4th, Alice Herbison 7th
Yellow (15) – Adam Clark 2nd, Rona Harvey 7th
White (20) – Joseph Lawlor 1st, Laurence Ward 2nd, Rowan Lawlor 5th, Megan Brown 10th

This event was used as the ESOC Club Championships for 2015 – see this news item for a list of the trophy winners.

Full results and Routegadget for the weekend’s events are available on the Edinburgh Big Weekend 2016 Results page.
Some photos are available in ESOC's Google Album Archive:
   Saturday 23 January
   Sunday 24 January
There are lots more photos from the weekend in EUOC's Flickr Gallery.

Saturday’s event was the first in the 2016 UK Urban League. For more details, see the UK Urban League website. It was also SOUL 1, the first event in the 2016 Scottish Orienteering Urban League. Details of all the SOUL 2016 events, and the final league tables, are on the Urban League 2016 page of the Scottish Orienteering Association website.

Sunday’s event was SoSOL 2, the second event in the 2015/16 South of Scotland Orienteering League. Further details about this league, including the league tables, are available on the SoSOL page of the East of Scotland Orienteering Association website.


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