Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club



A huge thanks to everyone who responded to my main Covid-19 update email last week and already many people have volunteered to help other members, should that need arise soon or in the future.  This is awesome and shows the true community that we have within ESOC.  As and when any of you need help from the volunteer squad, please get in touch with me.  It is readily available and will be gladly given.

The government guidance of course has been updated a number of times since we were last in touch with you, and we have deliberately held off with more thoughts on appropriate activities and next steps until the picture started to become clear.

It’s now very definite that we should stay at home and travel only where essential.  However, getting out once a day to exercise is also still encouraged (not in groups of course), and therefore we may be able to get to orienteering areas which are local to us for a walk or a run.  On that basis, we hope that the new maps which were circulated to members last week by email are enjoyable for you, and we look forward to your comments on mapping/layout.  We will be making more maps available soon, on the same basis, so that there are more options for people living in different parts of our ESOC community!

As a committee, we’ve been collating and thinking up ideas to keep you connected to “o” while these crazy times pass us by.  So here are our top 10, a number of which need you to step forward and get involved please!

1.SOA Puzzles!  The Scottish Orienteering Association is publishing a puzzle every day with an orienteering theme here.

2.Course Planning Competition!  You’ll get a map of an area and be asked to plan specific courses, probably with a fixed start and finish, and amazing prizes to be won!  I’m looking for a volunteer to set the course and judge it please!

3.ESOC Archives!  One objective we have as a club is to gather ESOC memorabilia for our archives.  We have a rich history and it would be great to bring this together.  Old maps, old photos, old results – anything at all!  Please can it or send it to me by email or by post (Walter Clark, 1 Mayfield Terrace, Edinburgh, EH9 1RU).  This will be great to share in the coming weeks.

4.Plan Ahead!  Please consider planning an event in the future – you can plan this from an armchair.  Please get in touch with Janet Clark, Events Coordinator – 

5.WhatsApp!  Please join the “ESOC WhatsApp Photos & Chat” group.  Here now is a link (this is members of the club only please).

6.MapRun!  Get to grips with MapRun – contact Judy to do so please on: 

7.Capital-O-ise on your isolation!  Please write an article for Capital-O or the O-Zone.  Get in touch with me for Capital-O content, and with Leonne for O-Zone content - . Articles we would like are: member profiles, quizzes, articles on the history of one of our areas (you choose), best/worst o experiences, trips you have been on at any time in the past year or so, non-orienteering stuff that might be of interest.  The more diverse the contributions, the better!  Before you start one of these, please check in with me/Leonne very quickly please just to avoid duplication!  We are also looking for a new Capital-O editor now – let me know if this is of interest to you please.  Lots of help and support available, and I would really love to pass this on in terms of my interim editorship!

8.Out of the box!  Please think about completely different activities we might do together online!  We are considering a “virtual” social – please watch this space – and we need to get creative about how we connect in these times.  Juniors can also consider perhaps make up an orienteering board game – Calum Robertson has done one as a school project.  Check that out on Facebook.  If you are not on Facebook, consider it!  All you might want to do is follow ESOC and that can be done easily.

9.Use openorienteeringmap! Go to open orienteering and enter your postcode to create a simple street map. It will automatically fill in the position of postboxes for you as controls.  You could also try Lamp-O, by using the CEC Street Lighting page and plot street lamps as controls with unique asset references. The link takes you to an online form for reporting faults. If you tick a box to say one is faulty it takes you to the map of numbered lampposts. 

10.Photo-O!  The Robertsons are going to have photo-O by using Google Street View to move around the streets and identify where photos were taken.  More details to follow!

And a genuine open question for you all – what else can ESOC be doing to get us all through this unusual period?  Please brainstorm and let me know on  or 07810 877311.

Above all, keep safe and keep connected.

All the best

Walter   (Walter Clark, President)