Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


ESOC at the ELO event/ALT-JK

Vogrie Country Park, 31 March

Ewart Scott reports:
"A hardy bunch of 16 ESOCers turned out at Vogrie on the 31st to battle the rather muddy conditions. Fortunately the morning rain had virtually stopped, but still not the most pleasant of afternoons. It was very encouraging to see some new ESOC names in the results; unfortunately I didn’t meet them.
Timothy must have found the morning’s Edinburgh Parkrun an insufficient challenge. After my walk round, I went in search of a geocache on the east side of Vogrie House. Using my phone to navigate, I met Roger en route, so I explained what I was doing. Standing beside the location, he asked ”What is it you’re looking for?” I said I didn’t know, and then Roger leaned over and picked up a plastic Santa. I should have known; the description was "Ho-ho-ho". Then Roger added, “I think I’ll stick to orienteering”; wise choice I thought."

ESOC results:
8th  Christine Mahony - 39.23
9th  Tom Tynan - 47.45
10th  Rowan Lawlor - 47.51

3rd  John Sutherland - 29.23
8th  Anne Hoy - 40.27

Light Green
7th  Richard Oxlade - 37.23
16th  Timothy May - 46.22
17th  Leonne Hutchinson - 46.49
18th  Jamie Lawlor - 49.40
20th  Roger Garnett - 51.06
23rd  Mark Kassyk - 55.37
24th  Paul Lawlor - 57.03
29th  Joseph Lawlor - 66.09
30th  Ewart Scott - 66.13
31st  Miriam Adcock - 66.30
33rd  Malcolm Mahony - 76.18

For more details about the event, see the event report on the East Lothian Orienteers website.


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