Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


ESOC Club Championships 2016

Club Championships Cup
This took place in conjunction with SoSOL 7 at Penicuik Estate on Sunday 6 November. See the Penicuik Estate event item for further details and full results.
The winners were:

    Novice Junior - Zoe Clark
    Novice Junior (shadowed) - Calum Robertson
    Junior Girl - Maja Robertson
    Junior Boy - Laurence Ward
    Experienced Junior Girl - Jenny Ross
    Experienced Junior Boy - David McPhillips
    Senior Girl - Heidi Ross
    Senior Boy - Ben Brown

    Men's Open - Martin Quirke
    Women's Open - Claire Ward
    Veteran Men - Walter Clark
    Veteran Women - Alison Cunningham
    Superveteran Men - Roger Garnett
    Superveteran Women - Mary Williams
    Overall Superveteran winner - Mary Williams

Pentland trophy (best junior performance on a senior course) - Jamie Cunningham
Best Newcomer - Maja Robertson
Most Improved Orienteer - Terry Johnstone

The trophies were presented at the Club Championships social on Sunday 13 November.

Club Championships League
The list of events for the 2016 ESOC Club Championships League was:
    24 Jan - SoSOL 2, Holyrood Park, Edinburgh
    7 Feb - Scottish Sprint Championships, South Queensferry (Prologue only)
    13 Mar - CompassSport Cup heat, Dumyat, Stirling
    27 Mar - JK Day 3, Kilnsey, Yorkshire Dales
    5 Jun - SOL 4 (Scottish Championships), Balmoral, Ballater
    17 Jul - SOUL 7 (Sprint Scotland), Grangemouth
    11 Sep - SOL 5, Uath Lochans, Kingussie
    2 Oct - SOL 6, Fairy Knowe & Doon Hill, Aberfoyle

Here are the final league tables:
Club Championships League 2016

There were four categories, Men's Open, Women's Open, Men's Veteran (M40+), and Women's Veteran (W40+). The winners are:
    Men's Open - Andrew Lindsay
    Women's Open - Rona Lindsay
    Men's Veteran - Crawford Lindsay
    Women's Veteran - Alison Cunningham

Thanks to Alistair Hindle for calculating the scores. If anyone would like to see the full details, please email Helena Nolan, ESOC Club Captain.

The scoring system uses BOF ranking points to compare different courses. It doesn’t matter which course you run, as long as it is one with enough competitors to have BOF ranking points allocated. (This may affect your choice of course.)
The system works as follows:

  • Any ESOC member who successfully completes a course that gets allocated BOF ranking points will be automatically scored.
  • There will be 4 categories: Open Men, Open Women, Veteran Men, Veteran Women.
  • For the Open categories, the person with the highest ranking points scores 20, the second 19, etc.
  • For the Veteran categories, the ranking points are converted to times in an average race and then scaled by the World Masters Athletics Association age-graded relative running speeds for 5km. Fastest scores 20 points, the second 19, etc.
  • Your best 4 scores count.
  • In the event of a tie, the 5th, 6th, etc score is taken into account, if available. Otherwise, head to head results are taken into account (greatest number of wins).