Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


ESOC Club Championships 2018

Club Championships Cup
This will take place in conjunction with SoSOL 7 and the East of Scotland Championships at Dechmont Law, Livingston, on Sunday 4 November.

ESOC Club Captain, Helena Nolan, says:
“I have aligned the senior age groups with the ESOA Champs so that you can be competitive in both competitions:

Class Course
Men's Open Brown
Veteran Men (M45-M60) Blue
Super Vet Men (M65+) Green
Super Vet Men (M75+) Short Green 
Women's Open Blue
Veteran Women (W45-W60)  Green
Super Vet Women (W65+) Short Green

There will be a handicapping system used for the Super Vet categories.
Juniors should enter the course that they would normally run, but must let me know beforehand which course, and on the day tell me if they were shadowed or helped (there may be a separate category for this).”

The trophies will be presented at the Prizegiving social on Sunday 4 November. See this news item for details.

Club Championships League
Unfortunately the number of events for this year’s senior league has had to be reduced from 8 to 7, since SoSOL 7 was intended to be the final event, and it would not be possible to work out the scores in time for the for the prizegiving later the same day.
The full list of events is thus:
   21 Jan - SoSOL 1: Holyrood Park
   4 Feb - ESOC Sprint-O Race 1: Broxburn & Uphall, West Lothian
   11 Mar - CompassSport Cup Scottish round: Beecraigs, Linlithgow
   31 Mar - JK Day 2 (Middle Distance): Brereton Spurs, Staffordshire
   19 May - British Championships Individual race: Balmoral, Royal Deeside
   26 May - Scottish Championships Individual race: Achagour & Dulsie, Nairn
   7 Oct - SOL 4: Errochty, Pitlochry

Scores after 6 events of the senior Club Championships League:
         Club Championships League 2018

The final scores will be announced soon.
The scoring system uses BOF ranking points to compare different courses. It doesn’t matter which course you run. The system works as follows:

  • Any ESOC member who successfully completes a course that gets allocated BOF ranking points will be automatically scored.
  • There will be 4 categories: Open Men, Open Women, Veteran Men, Veteran Women.
  • For the Open categories, the person with the highest ranking points scores 20, the second 19, etc.
  • For the Veteran categories, the ranking points are converted to times in an average race and then scaled by the World Masters Athletics Association age-graded relative running speeds for 5km. Fastest scores 20 points, the second 19, etc.
  • Your best 4 scores count.
  • In the event of a tie, the 5th, 6th, etc score is taken into account (if available). Otherwise, head to head results are taken into account (greatest number of wins).