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ESOC has a Covid Officer

ESOC has appointed me (Jayne MacGregor) as the club COVID officer as required by Scottish Orienteering (working with SportScotland and thus the Scottish Government). If you do not know me there is a short biography at the end of this article.

The purpose of the COVID officer role is to 

1. Be the first point of contact within the club for all things related to COVID-19
2. Oversee public health and safety measures across the club’s activities
3. Ensure risk assessments and all appropriate mitigations (eg PPE) are put in place before any activity is undertaken.
4. Ensure an accurate record of all attendees at events and activities in line with Scottish Government Test & Protect protocols.

Remember whilst it is the club’s responsibility to provide (as much as is possible outdoors) a safe environment and guidance on COVID related protocols, you must take individual responsibility for your own actions especially with respect to the latest advice from the Scottish Government.

At present whilst we work though this new normal my focus will be on

➢ EVENTS – where my role is to sign off the new COVID-specific risk assessment and action any mitigations for specific risks, this includes:
• Providing guidance in the event pre-entry information on the ESOC website on various topics
o Who may attend an event eg club members only, people without COVID symptoms etc
o Any protocols put in place by the organising team eg 2m distancing, provision of PPE, dogs on leads, restricted start windows etc
o Reminding competitors to be friendly and considerate to everyone they meet especially in the car park and when queuing at the Start, we want to ensure that Orienteering is abiding by all the protocols.
o Reminding adults and carers that they are responsible for any juniors they bring to an event including ensuring they are aware of all the COVID protocolseg to keep to the event requirement for physical distancing 
• Providing PPE (and guidance on its use) to officials and helpers before, after and at the event. This will include a full description (including ingredients) of all the chemicals supplied eg disinfectant and hand sanitiser and how to dispose of eg masks and gloves if used.
• Providing input into the final Details email which will be sent to everyone who has entered with more information including any updates to protocols, how to get to the Start etc.  For the first few events which will be restricted to members of ESOC (and neighbouring clubs) we are keen to avoid attracting any on-the-day enquiries so the event details on the website may appear somewhat vague.

TEST AND PROTECT – ensuring you as members understand the protocols as they relate to orienteering. At present the guidance is as follows:

Anyone who begins to feel ill at an event (or of course any time after the event) should immediately return to download (taking all precautions) then go home and visit the Test and Protect website where you can book a test through NHS-Inform. If the person is a Junior with no access to their vehicle, they should approach one of the event officials who will attend to them until their parent/carer arrives.

You do not have to tell anyone at the event why you are leaving.

If your test is positive the Test and Protect team will ask about any close contacts you may have had, possibly including at the event.

The Test and Protect guidance states that “a close contact is someone who has been physically close enough to the confirmed case for a long enough period of time, that they may have had the virus transmitted to them.  The risk of the virus being transmitted is higher the closer the contact, the greater the exposure to respiratory droplets (for example from coughing), and the longer the duration of the contact”.

The Test and Protect team may ask for a club contact (please give them my email address ) and if required I will be obliged to supply them with names and phone numbers (from the Entry system) of anyone, who youmay have been in contact with. Initially this will probably only include anyone in and around the Start within a certain time window around your start time (eg + or – 10 minutes). At present we do not think we will be required to supply the names of everyone at the event, but we are awaiting more guidance from Scottish Orienteering.

More information about Test and Protect can be found on this here. and is summarised in the infographic shown on this item. You can click on the infographic to see a larger version.


As orienteering opens up, more club activities (eg coaching, ladies running) will start to take place and if these are registered with British Orienteering (if  you are in doubt if they should be, then contact Janet at ) then the organiser of those activities will be obliged to record the following in line with Test and Protect protocols

• The date of each activity
• Names of each attendee

This information should be sent to myself and will be destroyed 21 days after the session. Data protection laws allow for the sharing of personal data where this is necessary for certain permitted purposes including in the interests of public health.


If you have any questions or concerns about the impact of COVID-19 on orienteering please contact me at  or look for me out and about in my personalised ESOC Hi Viz vest.

Jayne MacGregor 

JAYNE’S BACKGROUND  - First started orienteering in ~1979 when I met my husband Alan, first in London (SLOW) then Aberdeen (GRAMP), then Dublin (AJAX), London again (Happy Herts) back to Aberdeen (GRAMP), then Glasgow (CLYDE) and finally back to Aberdeen again (GRAMP) where we stayed for 25 years before moving to Edinburgh in December 2018 once we had both retired.

In most of these clubs, I have taken on various roles (in GRAMP some years ago I was Secretary, Newsletter Editor and Fixtures Secretary all at the same time!).  In the past I have organised many events from Local events to SOLs and at various 6 days I have been a Day Organiser, Daily News editor, assisted with Merchandising and been the Day Co-ordinator on a Central Organising team, but now I prefer more low key events!


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