Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


ESOC Success at British Night Champs

Not only was the event a success from an organisational point of view, but many ESOC members had excellent runs and found themselves, deservedly, on the podium!

Three of our ranks led the way, showing us all how it’s done, in being crowned British Night Champions; Heather Thomson in W35L, Helena Nolan in W40L, Bill Gauld in M70L.  Congratulations!

The following people also picked up medals:

Andrew Lindsay, Bronze, M16
Crawford Lindsay, Bronze, M55L
Jim Clark, Silver, M70L
Rona Lindsay, Silver, W16
Helen Bridle, Bronze, W21L
Sally Lindsay, Silver, W50L

Congratulations to you all!

I can confirm the Lindsay family have taken steps towards building a new medal cabinet.

Let’s hope the British Night Championships is the first of many successful events for ESOC members this year!

Pictures of medals and trophies being presented can be found in the gallery (link above)