Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


ESOC’s July 2021 Turf Challenge

Sunday 4 July

This was the first Turf Challenge ESOC had held for several months, and some of the usual participants were away on holiday, but this didn’t necessarily stop them from joining in - ESOCJeneral, MarkkuEsoc, ESOCKisaKat and CoolEsocAds turfed their way home from a trip down south. There were some new ESOC turfers too, so there was good competition. The contest started at 11am, when all the turf zones were reset to neutral. The challenge was to visit as many different zones as possible by 8pm. There were 3 categories, based on orienteering age classes: Junior (M/W18 or younger), Senior (M/W20-45) and Veteran (M/W50+).

The weather was fine in the morning with an easterly breeze, and there were soon plenty of ESOC turfers turning the zones red, along with other turfers of course. Later in the day there was a spectacular thunderstorm with heavy rain and localised flooding - a few brave souls were still out turfing.

Knoydart, in the Senior category, achieved the highest score, visiting 178 zones by 8pm, plus a few more afterwards. The Veteran winner was Artful, who wasn’t far behind with 166 zones. And the Junior winner was CoolEsocAds, with 14 zones.

As usual, there was interesting chat and photos on the ESOC Turfers WhatsApp group. Hope everyone enjoyed it and got this round off to a good start - good luck for the rest of the month!


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Start of round message, screenshot from the Turf app

Start of round message

prizes for the winners, Sally Lindsay

prizes for the winners