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Glasgow Parks Championships 2008

7 December

This year’s Glasgow Parks Championships started at Dawsholm Park, NW of the city centre by the River Kelvin, and the second race was at Glasgow Green, by the River Clyde in the city centre.  These two races had allocated start times, and the final was at Queen’s Park, south of the river, with a chasing start.  There were very welcome cafés at the second and third parks, offering a chance to warm up and socialise.  Everyone enjoyed the event.
Most notable ESOC results were:
  Andrew Dalgleish – 5th, Men’s Open
  Rona Lindsay – 4th, Women’s Open
  Heather Thomson – 6th, Women’s Open
  Margaret Dalgleish – 4th, Veteran women
  Katy Lessells – 10th, veteran women

See the STAG 2008 results archive for the full results.  A selection of photos is available in the ESOC Picasa Gallery


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