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Glasgow Parks Championships 2012

2 December 2012

The Glasgow Parks Championships is an annual competition, featuring three separate events in one day. The location of the first park is announced just before the event, and the others are only revealed on the day. The first two races have allocated start times, with a chasing start for the final race, which is longer than the others.

It was a very cold day, with ice giving treacherous conditions in places, especially on tarmac paths – but at least it was relatively dry underfoot.  The weather was fine, and even sunny most of the time.

The first race was at Dawsholm Park, NW of the city centre.  This is billed as the “nature lover’s park”, with lots of vegetation, and is quite hilly.  Then it was across the Clyde for the second race, in Pollok Park, Glasgow’s largest park, with the welcome facilities of the Burrell Collection.  Courses looped around the hill in the north woods. The third race was at Linn Park, slightly further south, which is Glasgow’s second largest park.  The courses here covered a variety of terrain including woods, open land and part of the golf course.

ESOC members in the top half of the overall results were:
  Open Men (16 competitors) – Andrew Lindsay 3rd, Andrew Dalgleish 5th
  Veteran Men (17) – Mark Wood 5th
  Super Veteran Men (10) – Crawford Lindsay 2nd, Bill Stevenson 5th
  Ultra Veteran Men (5) – Roger Scrutton 1st, Ian Pyrah 2nd, Alastair Lessells 3rd
  Women Veteran (9) – Helena Nolan 4th
  Super Veteran Women (8) – Janice Nisbet 1st, Margaret Dalgleish 2nd, Sally Lindsay 3rd
  Ultra Veteran Women (1) – Eleanor Pyrah 1st

Full results and Routegadget are available on the 14th Glasgow Parks Championships item on the STAG website.


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ESOC winners , Crawford Lindsay

ESOC winners

wintry conditions in Linn Park, Crawford Lindsay

wintry conditions in Linn Park