Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


Great Britain World Championships Team 2009

Helen Bridle (ESOC) has been selected for the Sprint, the Long Distance & Relay races at the World Orienteering Championships in Hungary, 16th-23rd August.

Former ESOC junior, Jo Stevenson, has been selected for the Middle Distance race. The full team is available on the British Orienteering website.

The selection races were held in the Forset of Dean over the weekend 3rd-5th July and Helen finished third, and second British Women, in all three disciplines (the Sprint Race on Friday evening, the Middle Distance Race on Saturday and the Long Distance Race on Sunday). Jo was fourth, and third British Women, in the Middle Distance Race.

The Sprint & Middle Distance were won by Grace Elson (SYO and Australia) with Sarah Rollins (BAOC) second; this order was reversed in the Long Distance which was won by Sarah Rollins with Grace Elson second.

Results || British Orienteering reports Sprint : Middle Distance