Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


Hair of the Dog Social - 2009

The orienteering this year was at Corstorphine Hill, and was planned by Roger Scrutton.  18 teams competed in a score event, visiting controls and noting a letter from each one.  Then there were puzzles and anagrams to solve, using the letters that had been gathered, all within a time limit.  The winning team was “New Year (S)training Resolution” (Robin, Sheila and Kirsten Strain), closely followed by “” (Ronnie & Helena Nolan, with Ian and Daniel Johnston).  Various spot prizes were awarded, including best beginners team - Janet, Rodger, Seonaid and Innes Philp; best single-person team - Andrew Dalgleish; first person back - Andrew Lindsay.

After the orienteering, the group moved on to St John Ogilvie Church in Sighthill for the social, which was coordinated by Andrew Dalgleish.  There was excellent soup, followed by all manner of other food, and then plenty of games and quizzes, including the ever-popular teddy bear races, with lots of prizes.

It was great to see so many people of all ages enjoying the day together.