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Hair of the Dog social - 2017

Monday 2 January

Helena Nolan reports on the orienteering:
"We had over 60 people turn up for the Hair of the Dog on Monday 2 January at Covenanters Wood, Dreghorn. The event was a 50 minute Score, where you had to put out a control first then punch as many controls as you could in ascending order. You could collect scrabble letters at each control, with a maximum of 4, and use them at the end to make up as many words as you could. The extra element of difficulty was that you had to collect your control back in the time limit. This meant all the controls were not there for the whole time!"

Here’s the map: Hair of the Dog 2017 All Controls map

And here are the results: Hair of the Dog 2017 Results

Moira Harvey describes the day:
"What is a “Hair of the Dog” event? We really didn’t know, but we had a few ideas – Rona thought the event might be named after a special dog, perhaps an ESOC mascot dog (Is there one? We now know there are two special ESOC teddies…); Patrick thought there might be 365 hairs on a dog, and this is the first one of a new year… ; Tara wondered if a dog might want to get your hair, perhaps for hair extensions and a New Year hair style. In any case, all of us Harveys braved any roving wild or exotically coiffured pooches to cross town to Covenanter’s Wood for this special ESOC event and party.

It was great  to see so many people milling about, plenty of friendly orienteers happy to explain the rules of this slightly puzzling but intriguing event – a kind of score-scrabble-DIY combo. Patrick teamed up with Janet and they had an excellent plan to go round the outer controls first, then scoop up the middle ones. Their letters gave the word TIDE and eleven others. A better result than Rona, Tara and Mum, who were more focused on finding a letter T to make a rude word along with their FAR. In the end (to the relief of the upholders of gentility) we had to stick with FARM. We had great fun running round the place bleeping controls at random, until we slowed down a bit and actually looked at the map. Eddie wasn’t running because of injury, but was the support team back at base, keeping jackets and water bottles at the ready.

Next we headed off to the Scout Hut in Colinton for the party. There were lots of snacks and tasty treats, thanks to all the contributions, and lots of fun things to do, like the amazing orienteering Twister game. The kids soon made friends with others of the same age and by the time of the Teddy Bear races there was a really great atmosphere. Despite serious competition and impressive skills, everyone behaved with great sportspersonship and losers cheered on the victors with gusto. Congratulations to Adam Clark, winner of the children’s event, and to Tim Westmoreland, senior winner. What a way to start the New Year! The Teddies themselves performed well and looked quite exhausted by the end. Do they have names, we wondered?

We all had a really great day and we’d like to say thank you to everyone – the organisers of the orienteering, and the social event, and everyone else who was involved. It was lovely to be part of it all – and we are inspired to do more orienteering in 2017."


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Teddy Bear races in full swing, Walter Clark

Teddy Bear races in full swing

Tension mounts in the Teddy Bear races, Walter Clark

Tension mounts in the Teddy Bear races