Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


Hair of the Dog Social - 2022

Sunday 2 January

Making the best of the Covid-related limitations on social activities, this gave 50 of us a lively and topical run around the intricate Pollock Halls on a brilliantly sunny morning. Walter said he "just knocked it up the day before yesterday".  It was designed to test our knowledge of "Celebrities", some ESOC members  (do you read your "ESOC Matters" and Capital-O?) , some in the real world.  At each control was a name, which you had to fit to one of the 30 questions, eg  Which ESOC member recently visited the South Pole?  (Rhona Fraser).  Who was the alpaca that faced a High Court battle?  (Geronimo)  

The "roving control" was dressed as a doctor. If you met her, and clapped loudly for the NHS, she would give you the answer to one question.  Every time you met another runner, you shouted "Happy New Year!" or "ESOC is the best!"  It certainly livened up the Pollock Halls for 45 minutes.   Afterwards you could go into the Salisbury Arms for drinks or food, making a little contribution to their trade.
The winner was David Robertson (writing ESOC Matters helps a lot), second Richard Oxlade and third Kirsten Strain.  All in all, it was a lovely way to bring in 2022 with fun and optimism.
Janet Clark


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