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ESOC Penicuik Weekend, Urban Race

1st event of ESOC's Penicuik Weekend is an urban race

Sat 05th Nov 2016

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: Penicuik

The results are here. Winsplits are here.

LOST PROPERTY: A compass was left behind at this event.  Nobody claimed it at Sunday's event. If it belongs to you please email Ewart Scott at: 

Planner’s Comments

This was a new area and new map but from first visit it looked as though it could produce some interesting orienteering.  We decided that to get the most out of it we would not limit courses to sprint distance.  The mixture of woodland and urban terrain , requiring different techniques,  helped to add to the interest.  Apologies for those who found the slope down to the platform 129 too steep – it was a bit of a miscalculation to make it the first control on the ultraveteran women’s course – a control site I would not have appreciated myself. However you must admit it looked beautiful with the golden beech leaves glinting in the autumn sun !

At first the stream through the woodland seemed to suggest some good route choice legs to take runners back from the urban to the north side of the woods.  However, as the stream was possibly crossable in some places but definitely not in others, we decided it could be potentially unfair and dangerous.  Hence the control on the bridge at the east end, and some reduction in route choice.

The urban area was not too complex but required good concentration at speed to prevent wrong turnings, dead ends etc and quick decision making when there was a choice of routes.

The school staff were very helpful and accommodating.  The public were inquisitive but we had no problems with control site vandalism, and most dog walkers were very courteous.

My thanks to Bill for his wisdom and help.

I hope you all enjoyed your run on such a beautiful crisp afternoon – thank you for coming.


Katy Lessells 


Covenanters Wood

ESOC local event in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Sat 17th Sep 2016

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: City of Edinburgh

The results are here. You can see winsplits here.

Organiser's comments

The new map of Covenanters Wood and the lovely sunny afternoon would have given a good event in themselves.   But this was a special one, our Junior ESOC Event.  The enthusiasm and competence displayed by the ESOC Juniors on the Start, on Registration, on Map Sales and Dibber Hire and on Finish & Download, together with the hundred-per-cent back-up from all their families, and the background support of a small core team of regular helpers gave us an event to be proud of.    Well done everyone. 
It was great to see "everyone" coming to enjoy it.  Some local people, some regular orienteers, some first-time families, every age from under two to over eighty; runners, walkers, blackberry-pickers; there was even a burn to play in afterwards.......the Covenanters Wood was a good place to be this afternoon.
Janet Clark,  Organiser      0131 225 7771    

This is a new area for ESOC local events.  It originally formed part of the greater Dreghorn Barracks map and also a previously used map of the North Pentland Hills which included both the Barracks and Covenanters Wood. 


ESOC Ultrasprint, Figgate Park, Edinburgh

Maze combined with Park orienteering

Sun 04th Sep 2016

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: City of Edinburgh

Overall Results

Course Results


Planner's Comments

Thank you very much for joining us for what I vaguely calculate as our 10th annual Ultrasprint!  I had picked out Figgate Park as an ideal location for one a couple of years ago and here we are, a glorious sunny day and lots of smiley faces :)

In a slight break from tradition I made the courses different lengths to spice things up, aiming for 15/10/5 mins winning times respectively, and ideally people running them in a random order, so I'm pretty happy with the results.

Apologies if you got caught out by my mistake with the thicket that was actually a bench, the dodgy leg 8-9 on Course 1 or the slightly wonky map (in places). I'm slightly less apologetic for anyone who couldn't find controls on the map or missed any out, that's the challenge of an ultrasprint, got to punch them all or you get a 2 minute penalty!

Andrew Dalgleish, Planner


Blackford Hill and The Hermitage

Sat 23rd Jul 2016

Type of event:
Near: City of Edinburgh

The results are here.

Planner's Comments:  Mike Stewart writes - The area lent itself well for a SCORE event. I tried to make it so that as many people as possible could collect them all without penalty for arriving back late. Hopefully everybody enjoyed the challenges of which order to pick them up in.
Thanks to my dogs for accompanying me around the planning of the event and Margaret for getting out of bed early to bring me the equipment on the day.

Organiser's Comments:  Ewart Scott writes - Thank you to those who attended our local event at Blackford Hill today.  Numbers were perhaps a little down compared to other local events through the year, understandably being the middle of the school holidays.  However, the area was as busy as ever with dog walkers and strollers.  The variety of courses planned by Michael Stewart was very good with excellent use made of the whole area and some small sections seldom visited on orienteering courses.  A small hold up when the first finishers arrived was due to a problem with a download unit, but a change of unit solved that.

Thanks also to the small but efficient ESOC team for helping and control collecting in rounding off a very pleasant afternoon.


Bonaly Park

ESOC local event in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Sat 18th Jun 2016

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: Edinburgh

The results are here. The winsplits are here.

How did we manage to pick the one dry day among many wet ones and, better still, a day with no midges around?    This was Bonaly at its best, and Saturday afternoon orienteering at its best, with a challenge for everyone no matter what level of age or experience, and an equal variety of people coming to tackle these challenges.  It was a good idea of Walter's to take the Green Course beyond the rather small Bonaly Park map.  The local knowledge of Keith and Margaret was very helpful in putting out the controls.  Several people added another event to their Junior Record card; and Zoe brought a lot of her school friends.  Congratulations and thanks to one and all.
Janet Clark  Organiser    0131 225 7771     

Your opportunity to run on the Pentland Hills but remain very close to the city of Edinburgh.  


Hillend Park

Evening local event and part of WORLD ORIENTEERING DAY 2016

Wed 11th May 2016

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: Edinburgh

Results now available, including splits    Note that one competitor on the Orange course didn't download before heading home so no time is included.  We know the competitor punched the clear, start and finish boxes and was safely back in the car park so we can work out a total time.  We don't however know if all the correct controls for the Orange course were punched so we have had to leave this competitor off the final results.  

Hope you all enjoyed a lovely evening at Hillend to help celebrate World Orienteering Day!

Organiser, Ewart Scott writes:  Thanks to those who attended the ESOC local event at Hillend.  As with many local events, it’s great to see so many families attending.  The turn out of over eighty was a great contribution to World Orienteering Day.

Mark’s courses were very well received, especially the Spanish Score, where competitors had to keep a tally of controls already visited to ensure they all were.  Counting occasionally proved a problem!  Conditions with the descending mist and decreasing visibility increased the technical challenge more so on the upper parts of the hill.

Unusually, an SI unit failed.  I hope this didn’t cause too much time loss to those who visited that control.

Thanks too, to all the ESOC helpers including the control collectors.

Our next local event is at Bonaly on 18th June 2016hope to see you there.


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