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Mary Erskine School and Ravelston Woods

ESOC local event in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Sat 17th Mar 2018

Type of event: Local
Near: Edinburgh

Results are here

Winsplits are here

LOST PROPERTY: A pair of blue/white ski gloves (possibly child size) were found on the sofa in Reception.  We aren't sure if they belong to an orienteer or one of the many others who were using the facilities today so they have been left at the Mary Erskine Sports Centre reception and can be collected from there.

ORGANISER'S COMMENTS: The freezing cold was the main thing to contend with for all helpers today. Very grateful indeed to all who put up with this to make the event happen.  People soon get warm running about, but not sitting at a table filling in forms!  We're very grateful to the staff at the Sports Centre too, who allowed us to partly move inside. 

PLANNER'S COMMENTS: Thanks to everyone who came to enjoy the courses today despite the "Mini Beast from the East" making an appearance and giving us some very cold weather.  I hope you have all warmed up now!
Mary Erskine is a great little area with a range of terrain, and I aimed to make the longer courses as challenging as possible by keeping the legs short.  This did make the courses fairly dense in terms of controls near each other and legs crossing over, which probably made it a bit trickier sometimes to work out where you were actually supposed to go next!  The west part of the wood is particularly good and all of the longer courses got into that section.  The longer courses also all had the control in the middle of the tunnel, and I know not everyone loved crawling through that but thought it would be something a bit different for you!
After doing the armchair planning, I moved various controls to avoid some of the muddier and steeper parts of the wood and also some controls moved because of the difficulty of sticking them into the ground or attaching them to something. There was construction work over in the south-east which was mapped as at last weekend with the out of bounds shading etc. but had all changed again by the time we were there today, so sorry about that but I'm sure you call coped no problem.
Since the green criss-crossed such a lot, I put the light green together as another option, and this simply used controls from other courses so was an easy thing to add as another option.  Not many people ran that course as it turned out!
It was brilliant to see so many recently joined ESOC members at the event, and thank you to everyone who helped with all of the different jobs.

Best for beginners and improvers and experienced orienteers looking for training


Corstorphine Hill

ESOC local event in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Sat 17th Feb 2018

Type of event: Local
Near: City of Edinburgh

The results are here.

Winsplits are here.

Organiser's Comments
The Corstorphine Hill event was well attended, and it was lovely to welcome so many newcomers and family groups as well as experienced orienteers.   I hope everyone will be keen to do more orienteering, and it was very encouraging to hear so many enthusiastic comments.

Thanks to Ian and Eleanor for their great courses – and it was even a nice day! 
Pepsi’s compass: contact me to get it back, or collect it at the event at Mary Erskine School and Ravelston Woods.

Anne Thom           Organiser     07798 646423

Note this is a late change of area for the 17th February event.  The event was originally scheduled to be at Dalmeny Estate but had to be changed in early January 2018, some time after the 2018 local event fliers were distributed.  Corstorphine Hill is an equally good area, suitable for orienteering at all skill levels.


ESOC Sprint-O 2018 incorporating SOUL 2

Broxburn and Uphall

Sun 04th Feb 2018

Type of event: Regional, Sprint
Near: Broxburn

Results are here (legs before and after 114 have been excluded because 114 kept moving)

Results for chase leaving legs before and after 114 in place

Prologue winsplits

Chase winsplits

Routegadget for prologue

Routegadget for chase

LOST PROPERTY:  1 control description holder.  If it belongs to you please email  

Organiser's Comments: A huge thank you to all who came along and competed at Broxburn today.  We hope you enjoyed your courses and that the missing/moving control 114 on the Chase didn't spoil your enjoyment if you were affected by this (courses 1,2 and 4).  Points are not affected as only the Prologue attracted SOUL and British Orienteering ranking points. 

It was a difficult decision whether to void the legs involved or allow control 114 to be 'optional' i.e. not disqualify anyone who didn't punch it.  The final decision is that the relevant legs are voided for the ESOC Sprint O as this is felt to be fairest for most competitors.  We decided however to publish both sets of results so that you can see the differences.  Having analysed the overall results there are fewer differences than might have been expected.  On the course results a small number of competitors swap a single place and on the class results only 2 competitors on the Men's Open swap a place.  The differences in overall times are mostly very small which perhaps reflects the fact that most competitors were confident enough to keep going when the control wasn't where it should have been.

After some challenging weather for the first SOUL of 2018 we fervently hoped for reasonable weather and were very lucky that the forecast was pretty good for February and the weather on the day matched the forecast. 

As ever, an army of ESOC volunteers worked exceptionally hard on the day to put on this 2-race event.  A big thank you to all our volunteers and to Planner, Katy Lessells and Controller, Ted Finch (FVO) for all their hard work. 

Margaret Dalgleish 


START TIMES are on Fabian4. 

A newly mapped area for this competition in 2018.  

A 2-race competition comprising a prologue followed by a chasing start in the second race.


Cammo Estate

ESOC local event in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Sat 13th Jan 2018

Type of event: Local
Near: Edinburgh

Here are the updated results

Background to above results: The above results were updated Sunday evening (14th).  3 competitors (1 yellow, 1 orange and 1 green) will find their SI Card (dibber) number is still showing on the results rather than their name.   We haven't been able to match up an entry form to these numbers/times.  If you are one of these 3 people please email with details and we'll update the results.

Planners' Comments (Kerry and dad Mark)

We hope that you all enjoyed your courses at Cammo. We tried to make them as interesting as possible and from the discussions at the finish I think we achieved that for most.
For regular orienteers Cammo is well known so we had to do something different with the most difficult course hence the (very) long leg was introduced. We also tried to plan legs that offered opportunities to take shortcuts through the terrain rather than the longer path runs. The routes taken on the long leg  seemed to be split fairly equally with people either taking the western route through the wood (using different paths through this complex area) or the more straightforward route to the eastern side staying in the open but having to traverse (Tower) hill. Personally we would have taken the western route as this offered easier running but the best route all comes down to your own strengths and weaknesses. We’ll be interested to look at the splits if the computing issues last Saturday allow these to be uploaded to the website.
This was Kerry’s first attempt at planning and she really enjoyed the experience. I think she’ll be back to do more planning in the future.
And finally, thank you to Janet and all the ESOC (and Interlopers!) helpers on the day without them these events would not go ahead.

Organiser's Comments
Our Cammo event in January is always very well-attended, and it's great to see so many people starting the year with some good orienteering and resolving to continue with this.   The special features of this event were (in addition to the large numbers and quick times which caused the computer hiccups) the very well-planned Green course, which provoked much discussion about route choice, and the number of people who came back to do a second course.
Junior training beforehand seems to have inspired many of those coming near the top of the Green Course results.  It was great to see lots of new ESOC members, and just as good to welcome all the new families trying it out for the first time.  Please do all come back for more!. 
A dark blue/green jacket with a compass, a pair of black gloves and a Green course ticket in the pockets.
A red and black striped "North Face" hat.
A Sainsburys bag with a lunch box in it.  
Contact me to get them back
NOTE  Our next event, on 17th February, is at Corstorphine Hill instead of Dalmeny as printed in the fixture leaflet.  Check the ESOC website for details nearer the time.
Janet Clark    Organiser     0131 225 7771     

Excellent area for newcomers and improvers and for training for experienced orienteers


Royal High School and Davidson’s Mains Park

ESOC local event in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Sat 18th Nov 2017

Type of event: Local
Near: City of Edinburgh

Everything went well today.  It wasn't wet or windy (although a bit cold).  It was warm and welcoming inside the Hub, and not too busy with other users.  Our base at the far end of the room was well away from the big screen (and the "warm-up" games before Scotland tackled NZ).  We got started promptly and finished even more promptly, before sunset.  No-one got lost or took a long time on their course.  (We've been known to collect controls by moonlight here in November).  David and Michaels' courses were very well received, especially the White Course with its 21 controls.  Kids just love lots of punching.  The Boys' Brigade, the newcomers, the families, the old hands - everyone was here to enjoy what they had planned.  Grateful thanks to the ESOC team of helpers, comprising a fine mixture of young and old members The future of the club is clearly in good hands.
This is our last event for 2017.  The 2018 programme leaflet is now available, with details on the ESOC website, and we'll hope to see everyone back for more orienteering in 2018
Janet Clark     Organiser      0131 225 7771      

Here are the results

Here are the winsplits

Area especially suitable for newcomers, improvers and for experienced orienteers to practice their basic skills.  Weather forecast is looking good so a good turnout is expected.


Holyrood Park

ESOC local event in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Sat 21st Oct 2017

Type of event: Local
Near: City of Edinburgh

Here are the results

This is the winsplits for the courses

It was such a lovely surprise that today turned out dry and almost sunny instead of the threatened storm.  Everyone was able to enjoy the considerable challenges presented by Whinny Hill and its eponymous gorse bushes without the additional problems of driving rain.   The optional Mass Start on Green was a new idea taken up by the bravest, with the additional interest of a "spectator leg" through the car park.   Today was notable for the number of enquiries about what we were doing from passing runners  and walkers; all good publicity for the club and for this great sport.  We are so lucky in Edinburgh to have Holyrood Park on our doorstep; and grateful to the Edinburgh University Orienteering Club for letting us use their map; to the Planner Andrew Lindsay for his ingenious courses, and to the strong team of ESOC members who made the event happen.
Janet Clark     Organiser     0131 225 7771      
Lost property:  A rather nice Sekonda watch with a broken strap was found near the Start.  Contact me as above if .you lost this today. 

A great area in the centre of Edinburgh but still suitable for all orienteering skill levels.  Updated information added to main web item on Friday 20th October.  


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