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Blackford Hill

ESOC local event in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Sat 15th Jul 2017

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: City of Edinburgh

Results in pdf format.  In case you can't open pdf format, here are results in a Word document.

Apologies these results aren't presented in the usual way. Split times will be uploaded, along with results in the usual format, in due course.

Organiser's Comments: It didn't look good this morning.  St Swithins Day looked like promising rain today and for the next forty days.  But, Fast Forward to 1pm, people had found on their phones an expected weather window till 4pm; the rain had stopped, and off we went! 
We put the tent in a new place; nice short grass and high walls on two sides.  It was still a bit windy, but the tent stayed up, and people started to arrive.  First-timers, old hands, elite runners, toddlers in backpacks; the usual mix of competitors for a Saturday afternoon.  Everyone was challenged by their run  - some more than others.  This is what it's all about.  Please come again soon.  Our next Saturday event isn't till September, but keep an eye on the ESOC website for the next chance to have such great fun!

An excellent, easy to get to area, with terrain suitable for all levels of orienteering skills.  A grand day out if you are on holiday in the area.


South Queensferry Urban ‘Sprintelope’

Informal local urban event in South Queensferry

Wed 05th Jul 2017

Type of event: Local-(D), Social
Near: South Queensferry

Thanks for coming to our Sprintelope at South Queensferry, hope you enjoyed the courses planned by Craig Nolan.  A special thank you to those who offered their map for recycling.

Complete results now available.

Thanks also to Robin Strain for putting the earlier provisional results together and providing a tidy version of the complete results.

A fun evening event for experienced orienteers


Bonaly Urban ‘Sprintelope’

Informal local urban event in the Bonaly/Colinton area of Edinburgh

Wed 28th Jun 2017

Type of event: Local-(D), Social
Near: City of Edinburgh

Thanks to everyone that came along.

Here are the results.

An informal 'Sprintelope' urban event in Bonaly/Colinton area of Edinburgh.  Come along, pay, register and run.  Very, very informal


Bonaly Park

ESOC local event in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Sat 17th Jun 2017

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: Edinburgh

The results are here

Winsplits are here

Organiser's comments
This was Bonaly at its best.  Warm and sunny with just enough breeze to keep away the midges.   Top quality courses (even if it was a bit hard going over the moorland on the longer ones).  A huge variety of competitors, young and old, experienced and first-timers.  Junior training beforehand, with a chance to practise new skills on a course afterwards.  Lots of interest from other people, wondering what all the fun was about.   Best of all,  great team spirit from ESOC members new and old,  young and old, who all pulled together to make this event happen.   Special mention to Malcolm, all by himself down at Torduiff Road, saving the upper car park from getting totally overwhelmed.   Thank you very much indeed to everyone who played a part in today's event.
Janet Clark     Organiser.   


Planners commentsBonaly is one of my favourite areas to run from in the Pentlands but unfortunately it does come with hills and rough open so even the white and yellow courses had a bit of climb and despite careful planning I couldn’t avoid quite considerable climb on the orange and green courses; and then it was very hot today…!  As a fairly novice planner I really enjoyed my visits to the area and eventually built up an understanding of Condes, which I enjoyed using; but I found using the two files for different scales difficult as the maps were different and the paper map I used to plan on was different again. Many thanks to Judy for doing all my map corrections, including the addition of several paths which opened up the area to the West for the yellow and orange courses. My apologies for any confusion on the orange course around control 11 where the crossing point close by may have suggested that this should be used on the next leg.

Notes to self for next time just because you plan the course doesn’t mean that you can run the course without paying any attention to the map, and take an antihistamine before spending 7 hours surrounded by grass and pollen when you suffer from hayfever!  

Many thanks to Margaret for all her help and guidance with planning, to daughter Katie for coping with all my computer crashes and for helping me put out the controls and to everyone else who helped put out and take in the controls  - you are all brilliant!


Local event on an area suitable for orienteers of all skill levels.


Hillend Park

ESOC local event in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Wed 10th May 2017

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: Edinburgh

Organiser's Comments
Never before has a Hillend  event been enjoyed with such enthusiasm by so many people!  Take a sunny May evening with everlasting daylight, add a group of Beavers with unlimited energy and a group of Guides with equal energy  (if not the same inclination to climb every available tree around the car park) to the regular orienteers who aren't scared of steep hills and the first-timers coming to see what it's all about, and you end up with the most tremendous buzz in the "Upper ski slope car park" where this all took place. 
Phew..... we are all exhausted - but very happy to see so many happy orienteers.    Please come to another event soon!  You can see how compulsive it is! 
Janet Clark 
Some of the names are missing from the results, sorry but the entry procedure went awry.

These are the results

These are the winsplits

An evening event suitable for everyone.


Corstorphine Hill

ESOC local event in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Sat 08th Apr 2017

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: Edinburgh

Results in revised spreadsheet format.  See Organiser's Comments below for explanation of the different results format for this event. 

ORGANISER'S COMMENTS: Corstorphine Hill redeemed itself today; all memories of last year's snowy February afternoon were quite forgotten in the warm sunshine, dry underfoot  conditions and accompanying birdsong and budding green leaves which welcomed us today.   It was just lovely to be able to sit around discussing routes and future plans, with the whole summer ahead.   
The only thing which let us down was the faulty Start unit.  It chose just the wrong moment to run out of battery.  The accompanying Results are not quite complete, and are the product of much manual labour by Alistair; apologies to those affected, but I hope everyone will agree, whatever their results, that this was  a lovely afternoon.  For the ESOC Team who provided the event, it was a welcome change too, not to be wet and freezing all afternoon.
Many thanks to everyone who took part today; and hope to see you all again before long.

Janet Clark

A city area suitable for orienteers at all skill levels.


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