Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

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We would love you to consider joining our orienteering club! ESOC is a friendly and very active club, which organises a range of orienteering events in Edinburgh and surrounding areas. We have around 300 members of all ages and abilities and you will be made very welcome.

You will become connected to others who will share their enthusiasm for the sport, and also their experience, giving guidance and encouragement to you whenever needed.


If you are renewing your existing membership, that’s great and you will receive an email from British Orienteering or Scottish Orienteering - please follow the instructions in the email to renew. The information on this page is for people joining ESOC for the first time.

New Members - Options

1. Scottish membership

Most new orienteers take out Scottish membership, joining Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club (ESOC) and the Scottish Orienteering Association (SOA).
This option is best suited to those initially planning to enter events locally and within Scotland, and it brings with it all the ESOC member benefits set out below.

For Scottish membership, please join via the Scottish Orienteering website: www.scottish-orienteering.org/membership/membership

At a later stage, you can easily upgrade to British membership if you would like, so that you can then enter events all around the UK (plus any major British championship events if they are held in Scotland).

2. British membership

British membership involves joining British Orienteering, in addition to ESOC and the SOA. This offers some additional member benefits (please see below), and is suitable for orienteers who wish to take part in orienteering events across Scotland, the UK, and potentially internationally. It will also in due course enable you to take on a club official, event official and/or coaching role, if you would like.

For British membership, please join via the British Orienteering website: www.britishorienteering.org.uk/join

3. ESOC Group membership

ESOC also offers group membership, for schools and other types of group (e.g. scouts or guides).
For more information click here.

4. Second club membership

If you are already a member of an orienteering club (based anywhere in the UK, and whether that is an Open or a Closed club), you are more than welcome to join ESOC as well with second club membership, which is only £6. You will already have some of the member benefits listed below through your first club, and all of the ESOC activities and updates are available to our second club members in the same way as to our other members. If you are interested in this option, please contact our Membership Secretary (details below).


If you have any questions about the options, the process for joining, or need any other help at all, please email our Membership Secretary, Martin Caldwell:

ESOC Member Benefits

There is always a lot going on in ESOC and we are keen for you to get involved! There is something for all ages and abilities, and we aim to be inclusive in everything we do, providing a welcoming, supportive and safe environment. Particular benefits of joining ESOC include:

  • Reduced entry fees to events in Scotland, including all ESOC events
  • Weekly news
    Our popular “ESOC Matters” email is sent out weekly with all the latest news, advising members of forthcoming events (including entry deadlines) and other orienteering info.
  • Transport sharing
    We actively encourage greener travel to events and provide opportunities to car-share. For certain events further afield, we organise minibus transport and overnight accommodation.
  • Regular training/coaching sessions
    These are suitable for people with all levels of orienteering skills, including beginners, and are held throughout the year. There are also sessions specifically for juniors, designed to give opportunities to develop skills and meet other young orienteers.
  • Club newsletters
    Issued quarterly, we have two award-winning full-colour newsletters! ‘Capital-O’ includes news and varied features about events and what our members have been up to, as well as top tips for beginners and a comprehensive fixtures list. ‘The O-Zone’ is our separate newsletter specifically for juniors.
  • Club teams
    You can be part of an ESOC team competing at relay events and competitions between orienteering clubs. As with all our activities, there’s something for all levels of experience.
  • Social activities
    A variety of social events are held throughout the year, usually incorporating an orienteering element or a run, followed by (optional) refreshments.
  • Mountain bike orienteering (MTBO)
    We have an active group of enthusiastic mountain bike orienteers and organise MTBO events at locations such as Glentress Forest and the Pentlands, for riders of all abilities.
  • Turf
    Many of our members enjoy using “Turf”, a free GPS-based app, involving visiting zones (however and whenever you like) and in many ways similar to orienteering. Our ESOC Turfers have regular challenges, events and social get-togethers.
  • Mapping
    Most of our maps are produced by professional orienteering mappers, but we also have a group of enthusiastic amateur mappers working on smaller projects in the local area.
  • WhatsApp groups
    Alongside our social media (Facebook, twitter and Instagram), we have member-only WhatsApp groups, which are a great way to get to know other members, share photos and keep up to date. As well as a main chat group, we have groups for New Members (ask anything!), Mappers, MTBO and Turf, giving something for everyone.
  • Club kit
    We have a range of club kit, including lightweight orienteering tops, running vests, jackets, hats and scarves. These are all in our club colours of red, white and green and available in a range of sizes.
  • Scottish Orienteering news
    Regular emails from Scottish Orienteering with news about orienteering throughout Scotland.
  • Discounts at Edinburgh running shops and Scottish Orienteering partners


The following fees cover membership from the date of joining until 31 December 2024, so the sooner you join up, the better value it is.

Scottish Membership
Senior (born in 1998 or earlier) : £18.00
Young Adult (born in 1999 to 2003) : £8.00
Junior (born in 2004 or later) : £8.00
Family : (for a maximum of 2 seniors and 1 or more juniors) : £38.00

British membership
Senior (born in 1998 or earlier) : £33.00
Young Adult (born in 1999 to 2003) : £18.00
Junior (born in 2004 or later) : £13.00
Family : (for a maximum of 2 seniors and 1 or more juniors) : £73.00

More information

For more information about the Scottish Orienteering Association (SOA) and British Orienteering, please use the following links:
Scottish Orienteering
British Orienteering

Additional British Orienteering Member Benefits

  • Reduced entry fees at all events nationally
  • Eligibility to compete for ESOC in a variety of national competitions
  • Ability to apply for awards under British Orienteering's Badge Scheme
  • Success/progress recognised through the 'Navigational Challenge' and 'Racing Challenge' incentive schemes
  • Inclusion in the British Orienteering Ranking Scheme and the Scottish Orienteering Urban League
  • Additional discounts at British Orienteering partners
  • Regular emails from British Orienteering, including being able to sign up for a range of e-newsletters about various orienteering matters
  • Access to the members' section of the British Orienteering website