Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

South of Scotland Orienteering LeagueSoSOL

Events in the SoSOL are designed for competitors of all ages and abilities and there will normally be eight courses: white, yellow, orange, light green, short green, green, blue and brown, ranging from short and easy to fairly long and easy, from short and hard to long and hard. There may also be a long, easy course; contact the club for details.

Visit the SoSOL website for league results and event listings.

They are generally held on Sunday mornings with starts from 11:00 to 12:30 Entry at the event may be possible, but pre-entry can help both you and the club and will guarantee you the course of your choice.

These events attract between 120-250 runners who can expect good quality terrain, friendly and efficient organisation, pre-marked maps and electronic punching.

League tables are drawn up for each course over the season with times converted to points and a runner's best four (for 2023) scores will count. Only runners who have scored in two or more events (in the same courses) will appear in these tables.