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most of the ESOC team

Jamie Stevenson Trophy 2013

Muirward Wood, 16 June

The Jamie Stevenson Trophy is an annual Scottish inter-club junior competition.  2013 is the 10th anniversary of the inaugural event, which celebrated former ESOC junior (and current honorary member) Jamie Stevenson’s gold medal at the 2003 World Orienteering Championships in Switzerland.

Muirward Wood is to the north east of Perth, and is an area of mixed woodland with plenty of paths.  The weather was warm and dry but not too hot - good weather for orienteering. The courses were good, though quite challenging for less experienced team members.  After the junior runs, there was the customary barbecue while the results were calculated.

Over 150 juniors competed, from many different Scottish clubs.  There are Yellow, Orange, Light Green and Green courses, with separate classes for boys and girls on each.  The scoring is complicated - the winner in each class gets 100 points, 2nd place gets 99 points, and so on, then each club’s best 6 scores count towards their total.  This year, there were 7 ESOC juniors competing, a small team compared to some of the other clubs, and Megan Brown, not yet old enough to compete, was the chief ESOC cheerleader.  Lucie Duffy unfortunately injured her ankle on her run and had to retire (best wishes for a speedy recovery!) so the other 6 members of ESOC’s team all had a counting score.  MAROC won the trophy, with 593 points.  ESOC came 10th, with 538 points.  The best ESOC result came from Rachel Brown, our only medal winner, who was 3rd in her class.

ESOC’s scores were:
  Rachel Brown, Yellow Girls - 98 points
  Rona Lindsay, Green Girls - 97 points
  Kerry Wood, Orange Girls - 96 points
  Angus Shaw, Light Green Boys - 91 points
  Ben Brown, Orange Boys - 91 points
  Euan Mackay, Orange Boys - 65 points

There was a run-in competition too - the fastest three ESOC finishers were:
  Kerry Wood - 30 secs
  Angus Shaw - 30 secs
  Euan Mackay - 34 secs
and all ESOC juniors beat the ESOC coaches/parents!

Thanks to generous sponsorship, spot prizes of Buffs were awarded every half hour or so, to 5 lucky recipients drawn at random from the list of JST competitors, and Rachel Brown won one of these.  Later, all the teams were given a goody bag of Tunnocks teacakes and Walkers shortbread. 

Full results and other details about the event are available on the JST 2013 page of the SOA website, with links to lots of photos.
There are a few photos in the ESOC Picasa Gallery too.


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most of the ESOC team, Judy Bell

most of the ESOC team