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ESOC kids JST2016 parade

Jamie Stevenson Trophy 2016

Balkello Hill, 19 June

The Jamie Stevenson Trophy is the annual Junior inter-club championships, where juniors from clubs from all over Scotland battle it out to be crowned champions. There were 14 Scottish clubs competing, with around 150 juniors taking part. The event is named after Jamie Stevenson who is an ESOC honorary member (and a former ESOC junior), who won a gold medal at the 2003 World Orienteering Championships in Switzerland.

This year the event was held at Balkello Hill, just outside Dundee, on Sunday 19 June. Balkello is a Forestry Commission area of mixed woodland, open grassy areas and ponds with an open hillside, old quarry workings, mountain bike trails and dense patches of gorse (Something to challenge everyone!).

The event started with its traditional colourful parade of clubs with their banners followed by a Conga dance to warm everyone up ready for the competition to begin.

There were Yellow, Orange, Light Green and Green courses, with separate classes for boys and girls on each. The winner in each class gets 100 points, 2nd place gets 99 points, and so on, then each club’s best 6 scores are added up to find their total.  ESOC finished in 7th place with a total of 561 – an excellent result given that we only had 9 entries. Congratulations to the mighty MAROC who once again retained the Trophy.

There are also individual prizes – congratulations to Joseph Lawlor, who won the Yellow Boys, and Rachel Brown, who won the Light Green Girls.

ESOC’s counting scorers were:
  Kerry Wood,  Green Girls – 87 points
  Rachel Brown, Light Green Girls – 100 points
  David McPhillips, Light Green Boys Boys – 91 points
  Jamie Lawlor, Orange Boys – 90 points
  Joseph Lawlor, Yellow Boys – 100 points
  Megan Brown, Yellow Girls – 93 points

In addition, Ben Brown scored 82 points on the Green Boys, Laurence Ward scored 85 points and Rowan Lawlor and Callum Robertson, running as a pair on the Yellow course, scored 80 points.

The weather stayed kind for the event, with the forecast rain not arriving until the last of the tents was all packed up, and everyone was heading home.

Full results are available on the ScotJOS website.


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ESOC kids JST2016 parade,

ESOC kids JST2016 parade

ESOC kids JST2016 Podium boy,

ESOC kids JST2016 Podium boy

ESOC kids JST2016 podium girls,

ESOC kids JST2016 podium girls

ESOC kids JST2016 punching,

ESOC kids JST2016 punching

ESOC kids JST2016 run-in,

ESOC kids JST2016 run-in

ESOC Kids JST 2016,

ESOC Kids JST 2016

ESOC kids JST2016,

ESOC kids JST2016