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Jamie Stevenson Trophy

Jamie Stevenson Trophy 2019

Glen Gynack, Kingussie, 9 June

The Jamie Stevenson Trophy is an annual Scottish inter-club junior competition, named after the ESOC honorary member (a former ESOC junior) who won a gold medal at the 2003 World Orienteering Championships in Switzerland. The 2019 event was at Glen Gynack, Kingussie, hosted by BASOC. The Event Arena was in Ardvonie Park, a wide, flat grassy area with plenty of space for club tents and the club parade at the beginning of the event. There was a short walk up to the starts. The terrain in Glen Gynack is mixed woodland with plenty of features and a network of paths. The longer courses ventured out onto the open moorland above. The weather was fine and sunny.

Paul Lawlor commented: "It was a special day, with the focus on the juniors. ESOC led the parade, with Ben Brown carrying the flag. Believe it or not, there was a chicken in the parade, and a cow next to it. Or it may have been face masks on two juniors. They won a prize for best dressed orienteer! The assembly area was perfect for everyone to mingle and play together, with a playground and lots of open space for the friendly football matches."

Over 100 juniors competed, from 10 different Scottish clubs, with 11 in the ESOC team. There are Yellow, Orange, Light Green and Green courses, with separate classes for boys and girls on each. The winner in each class gets 100 points, 2nd place gets 99 points, and so on, then each club’s best 6 scores are added up to find their total.

MAROC won the trophy again, with 595 points, closely followed by Moravian with 593 points. ESOC came 5th, with 563 points.

ESOC’s counting scorers were:
  Sibhe Fahey, Yellow Girls – 99 points
  Maja Robertson, Light Green Girls – 97 points
  Megan Brown, Orange Girls – 96 points
  Ursula MacColl, Yellow Girls – 92 points
  Thea Thomas, Yellow Girls – 91 points
  Jamie Lawlor, Light Green Boys – 88 points

Full results and further details about the event are on the Jamie Stevenson Trophy 2019 page of the BASOC website.


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Jamie Stevenson Trophy, Crawford Lindsay

Jamie Stevenson Trophy