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Jamie Stevenson Trophy 2012

Kinnoull Hill, 17 June 2012

The Jamie Stevenson Trophy is an annual inter-club competition for Scottish juniors.  More than 150 juniors competed at the event, from clubs based all over Scotland.  There are Yellow, Orange, Light Green and Green courses, and separate classes for boys and girls on each.  Scoring is complicated - the winner in each class gets 100 points, 2nd place gets 99 points, and so on, then each club’s best 6 scores count towards their total.  This year, there were only 6 ESOC juniors at the event, so everyone’s score counted.  Once again MAROC won the trophy; ESOC came 8th. 

Kinnoull Hill is a wooded area with many paths, just outside Perth, and the assembly area was by the Jubilee car park, on the NE side of the hill.  Although the weather was very wet in Edinburgh, luckily it was somewhat better in Perth, so the barbeque afterwards went ahead as planned.

ESOC’s results were:
Lucie Duffy – Yellow Girls, 4th (97 points)
Craig Nolan – Green Boys, 7th (94)
Rachel Brown – Yellow Girls, 10th (91)
Gavin Williams – Green Boys, 13th (88)
Ben Brown – Orange Boys, 14th (87)
Euan Mackay – Orange Boys, 25th (76)

A report, full results, Routegadget and photos from the event are available on the SOA website.


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ESOC team, Keith Brown

ESOC team

Jamie Stevenson Trophy, Crawford Lindsay

Jamie Stevenson Trophy