Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


June Social 2020

Monday 29 June

Janet Clark reports:
"The Social hosted by Katherine and Thea was original and intriguing, and some of us learnt a few new features of Zoom. Coolest was how to change not only your background but also the design of your T-shirt, to any exotic picture.

We learnt how to all draw together on the same blank canvas, illustrating what we'd done at the weekend, which included MapRuns, bike rides, dog walks and apparently quite a lot of running round in circles! There was a General Knowledge Kahoot Quiz - new to some of us, and won by the Rowe family. Next, Thea presented a map she'd drawn in OCAD of "The Big House" and asked us to write the Control Descriptions for the course on it. Tricky - Anne Hickling was the most accurate. The "Close-up Leaf quiz" was a series of magnified images of common plants to identify. This was very difficult, and won by the MacGregors; they're good gardeners. We finished by all trying to draw a plan of the room we were sitting in. Some were a lot better than others, and the winner might get a prize!

The evening was a lovely mixture of fun and learning, hosted with great aplomb by Katherine and Thea, and attended by ESOC members of all ages. Thank you very much indeed."


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The group drawing,

The group drawing