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Lake District Double Championship Weekend

Summerhouse Knott/High Dam, 5/6 June 2021

The British Middle Distance Championships event was organised by Lakeland Orienteering Club and took place on Saturday 5 June, at Summerhouse Knott, near Newby Bridge in the southern Lake District. (This was the venue for the British Relays in 2017.) It is a very technical area, with much rock and contour detail, some coniferous plantation, lovely deciduous woodland, and lots of spring flowers. 

ESOC’s best result came from Rachel Brown, who won W18.
Other ESOC results were as follows:
   M12 (17 competitors) – Calum Robertson 10th
   M50 (61) – Peter O’Hara 20th
   M55 (89) – Finlay Ross 61st, David Robertson 76th
   M60 (58) – Richard Oxlade 14th
   M70 (62) – Roger Garnett 20th
   M75 (30) – Brian Yates 26th
   W21 (42) – Rona Lindsay 17th
   W35 (10) – Alison O’Neil 4th
   W50 (48) – Judy Bell 22nd, Hanne Robertson 39th
   W55 (53) – Rachel Fawthrop 24th, Karena Hanley 47th
   W65 (25) – Janice Nisbet 6th

Full results, including Routegadget, are on the 2021 British Middle event page of the LOC website.

The Northern Championships event, organised by Manchester and District Orienteering Club, was the next day, at High Dam, on the NW side of the same valley. (The British Long Distance Championships were held here in 2017.) This is also a very technical area – mature deciduous woodland, marshes, open pasture on higher land, with intricate contours and rock detail throughout. 

ESOC’s best result again came from Rachel Brown, who won W18E.
Other ESOC results were:
   M12A (15 competitors) – Calum Robertson 5th
   M60S (20) – Richard Oxlade 1st
   M70L (55) – Roger Garnett 21st
   M75L (20) – Brian Yates 18th
   W21S (7) – Rona Lindsay 1st
   W35L (7) – Alison O’Neil 3rd
   W50S (13) – Hanne Robertson 3rd
   W55S (18) – Rachel Fawthrop 3rd, Karena Hanley 12th
   W65L (25) – Janice Nisbet 5th

Full results, with Routegadget, are available on the High Dam event page of the MDOC website.

Rona Lindsay commented, “Both days were really warm and sunny, almost too hot for running at points! The courses were good fun in some nice(ish) terrain, Saturday was a bit rough going. It was good to see people around a car park/assembly field again.”

These events were the 1st and 2nd in the 2021 UK Orienteering League. There are more details about the UKOL, including the league tables, on the UK Orienteering League page of the British Orienteering website. ESOC is currently lying 23rd in the club league. The score for each club is calculated automatically from the 15 best club members' scores (across various age class groups) - so the club members whose scores are included may change as the year goes on and more events are included.

The weekend was also an important junior selection race programme. Before Saturday's and Sunday's events, there was a Junior (M/W 16-20) sprint race in Keswick town in the evening on Friday 4 June, organised by West Cumberland Orienteering Club. Rachel Brown set the scene for an amazing weekend of results by winning W18. Full results are available here.
All three events were selection races for the Great Britain team for the Junior World Orienteering Championships in Turkey and the European Junior Orienteering Championships in Lithuania.


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