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Lakeland April Weekend 2018

Lake District, 14/15 April

On Saturday 14 April, there was a Middle Distance event at Graythwaite East, on the west side of Windermere. (The 2015 JK Relays were held here.) The forest was mostly delightful – mature oak woodland with little undergrowth, on steeply undulating ground with plenty of rock features and few paths. Longer courses led into less delightful coniferous plantation at first.
The weather was fine – warm and sunny, with spring flowers, and lambs in all the surrounding fields.

ESOC results were:
    Brown Women (18 competitors) – Rona Lindsay 6th
    Blue Men (85) – Keith Brown 10th, Mark Wood 50th, Finlay Ross 55th, Ben Brown 57th, Crawford Lindsay 59th 
    Green Women (85) – Sally Lindsay 42nd, Judy Bell 59th  
    Yellow (23) – Megan Brown 10th
    SELw16 (18) – Rachel Brown 15th

This was a Junior selection race for international competitions (JWOC/EYOC/JEC) and Talent Squad summer camps.
Full results and other details about the event, including photos, are on the Graythwaite East event page of the Lakeland Orienteering Club website.

Sunday’s event was Long Distance, on Lingmoor, which is further north, near Chapel Stile in Langdale. Lingmoor is a steep-sided hill on the south side of the valley. There were two starts, with a long, steep climb to reach them – 125m to the low start, and 275m to the high start. The terrain on the top of the fell is open and hummocky, with intricate contours and many rock features, mostly tussock with some heather. The hillsides are very steep, and there was a lot of slippery dead bracken lower down, then deciduous woodland, very muddy underfoot, and finally a few controls on open fields before the finish beside Assembly.
The weather was dull, breezy and a bit damp, though the rain held off until courses closed.

ESOC results were:
    Short Brown 1 (38 competitors) – Rona Lindsay 20th
    Blue 2 (74) – Keith Brown 20th, Ben Brown 23rd, Mark Wood 46th, Crawford Lindsay 64th  
    Short Blue 2 (70) – Finlay Ross 28th  
    Green (114) – Rachel Brown 2nd, Sally Lindsay 51st, Judy Bell 63rd
    Yellow (24) – Megan Brown 8th    

Full results and other details about the event, including photos, are on the Lingmoor event page of the Lakeland Orienteering Club website.


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Lakeland Orienteering Club logo,

Lakeland Orienteering Club logo

Assembly, Graythwaite, Crawford Lindsay

Assembly, Graythwaite

Typical terrain, Graythwaite, Crawford Lindsay

Typical terrain, Graythwaite

View towards Windermere, Crawford Lindsay

View towards Windermere