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Lakeland Spring Weekend 2019

Lake District, 23/24 March

After rain on Friday, it turned into a beautiful spring weekend in the Lake District, with daffodils and lambs everywhere.
On Saturday 23 March, there was a Middle Distance event at Haverthwaite Heights, near Newby Bridge, south of Lake Windermere. The event centre was at the Lakeland and Haverthwaite Railway (no trains that day), with Registration on the station platform. The terrain was very technical, mostly oak woodland, with some coniferous sections and open areas, lots of rock and intricate contours, demanding concentration all the way round the course.
The weather was quite warm and sunny, and it was surprisingly dry underfoot.

ESOC results were:
    Black (53 competitors) – Richard Purkis 31st
    Brown (63) – Sarah Jones 3rd  
    Blue (127) – Crawford Lindsay 67th, Finlay Ross 91st
    Green (128) – Richard Oxlade 14th, Sally Lindsay 32nd, Maggie Scrugham 42nd
    Short Green (52) – Janice Nisbet 7th, Christine Mahony 33rd, Malcolm Mahony 38th, Brian Yates 45th

Full results and other details about the event, including links to photos, are on the Spring Weekend Day 1 page of the Lakeland Orienteering Club website.

There was also a Junior Selection Sprint at Lancaster University in the morning, where Rachel Brown came 1st in W16. Full results for this event are here, on the South Ribble Orienteering Club website.

Sunday’s event was at Hampsfell, slightly further east. The Assembly area was in a field at the foot of the hill, with a walk up to the start. The terrain was varied, with lots of rock features throughout, and some complex contours. The early controls were in Eggerslack Wood, deciduous woods on the east side of the hill, then it was out onto the open hilltop, where there was short grass amongst areas of limestone pavement (and wonderful views), and finally there were some tricky controls in scrub.
The weather was fine, though breezy and quite chilly on the open areas. Underfoot conditions were mostly good, except near the start where there were cattle and it was very muddy.

ESOC results were:
    M21L (25 competitors) – Richard Purkis 11th
    M55L (27) – Keith Brown 5th
    M60L (26) – Crawford Lindsay 12th
    M60S (8) – Richard Oxlade 2nd
    M70S (2) – Malcolm Mahony 1st
    M75L (14) – Brian Yates 13th
    W12A (7) – Megan Brown 4th
    W21L (12) – Sarah Jones 3rd
    W50S (11) – Judy Bell 2nd
    W60L (18) – Sally Lindsay 3rd, Maggie Scrugham 7th
    W60S (4) – Christine Mahony 1st, Anne Hoy 3rd
    W65L (10) – Janice Nisbet 2nd

This event was also a Junior Selection event, with separate classes running shorter courses than usual, and Rachel Brown again won W16.

Full results and other details about the event are on the South Ribble Orienteering Club website:
    Final details
    photos (by Steve Rush, BOK)


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Lakeland Orienteering Club logo,

Lakeland Orienteering Club logo

Registration, Haverthwaite, Rowan Purkis, LOC

Registration, Haverthwaite

At the Finish, Haverthwaite, Rowan Purkis, LOC

At the Finish, Haverthwaite

Assembly, Hampsfell , Crawford Lindsay

Assembly, Hampsfell

Route to the start, Hampsfell, Crawford Lindsay

Route to the start, Hampsfell

Start area, Hampsfell, Rowan Purkis, LOC

Start area, Hampsfell

View NW from Hampsfell, Crawford Lindsay

View NW from Hampsfell