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Liverpool Big Weekend 2018

Formby Dunes / Liverpool University, 6/7 October 2018

On Saturday 6 October, there was a long distance event at Formby Dunes, on the Lancashire coast north of Liverpool. The terrain was mostly very complex dunes, and included conifer woodland and open areas with tussocky grass and dense shrubs, some of them very spiky. There were a lot of out of bounds areas (loose sand, fields or private land) and the courses looped around these. The weather was much better than forecast, and underfoot conditions were dry.

ESOC results:
Blue (86 competitors): Crawford Lindsay 42nd
Green (113): Sally Lindsay 33rd, Brian Yates 106th
Short Green (60): Janice Nisbet 8th  

Full results are on the 2018 results page of the DEE website (scroll down to find the event).

The following day, there was a 2-part sprint event around Liverpool University, east of the city centre, with the event centre in the University sports hall. The event had an unusual format. There were 2 sprint races, with 2 starts, north and south of the event centre. Half the competitors ran the north race and then the south race, and the other half did the opposite – this reduced the timescale of the whole event. Times from both races will be added together for the overall results.
The courses led around the surrounding area, with plenty of route choice amongst the interesting and varied buildings of the University of Liverpool, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral and Liverpool John Moores University.
The weather was chilly but there was some sun, and it stayed dry. Liverpool city centre and waterfront were very busy indeed, as the weekend also saw a return visit of the Liverpool Giants, huge street puppets, which drew vast crowds of spectators.

ESOC results:
MSV (52 competitors): Crawford Lindsay 21st
MUV (55): Brian Yates 46th
WSV (37): Sally Lindsay 11th
WUV (29): Janice Nisbet 3rd

Full results, and officials' comments following problems with unexpectedly open and closed gates, are on the Liverpool Urban Results page of the SELOC website.

These events were the 21st and 22nd in the 2018 UK Orienteering League. There are full details about the UKOL on the UK Orienteering League page of the British Orienteering website. In the club league, ESOC is now lying 19th. The score for each club is calculated automatically from the 15 best club members' scores (across various age class groups).
Sunday's event was also the 17th event in the 2018 UK Urban League. League tables and other details about this league are on the UK Urban League website


Image Gallery

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Formby Dunes - Start, Crawford Lindsay

Formby Dunes - Start

Formby Dunes - Assembly area, Crawford Lindsay

Formby Dunes - Assembly area

Formby Dunes - control 58, Crawford Lindsay

Formby Dunes - control 58

Liverpool Sprint - North Start, Crawford Lindsay

Liverpool Sprint - North Start

Liverpool Sprint - South Start, Crawford Lindsay

Liverpool Sprint - South Start

Liverpool Sprint - control 37, Crawford Lindsay

Liverpool Sprint - control 37