Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club



It’s great news that some of the restrictions we’ve all been dealing with are easing, and we are all desperate to know what this means for orienteering of course!

The Scottish Orienteering Association has been working really hard with sportscotland and governing bodies of the other outdoor sports in Scotland to create a plan for how our activities can start to resume.  If you listened to the First Minister’s announcement on Thursday, you will have heard her name a number of sports which are now able to resume – she forgot to include orienteering specifically, but orienteering is definitely within the outdoor activities where we now have more flexibility.

The key thing to note is that the easing of lockdown does not mean a return to normal, and the SOA is urging everyone heading out to enjoy the outdoors to be mindful of how our individual actions reflect on the whole outdoor community.  We are to take a sensible approach to activities, use our judgement to manage the risks, and consider the social responsibility we all have to each other, to protecting our emergency services and to minimise the transmission of COVID -19.

Main points for outdoor activities generally are as follows:

·       Follow Scottish Government advice, as it evolves

·       As well as going with members of your household, you can now go with one other household (max 8 people)

·       Practise physical distancing – 2 metre minimum

·       Travel for exercise should be no more than 5 miles

·       Respect the Scottish Outdoor Access Code

For orienteering, this means we can do the following:

·       MapRun courses (basically orienteering with a smartphone) – these are great fun and the technology is easy once you get started!

·       Permanent orienteering courses – we have six of these available at Hillend, Castlelaw, Corstorphine, Blackford, Cammo and Bonaly – the PDFs or waterproof map packs are free for ESOC members!

·       Run with a map/ re-run previous mapped courses (no controls out)

·       Clubs can set up temporary courses for local members (we’ve not done this yet!)

·       Limited coaching activities

·       Travel up to five miles to do any of the above

The full SOA guidance is available here

So great news, I am sure you will agree!  If you have any questions at all, please get in touch with me –

Enjoy and stay safe!  Let’s get out there!



Walter Clark, ESOC President