Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


March Social 2019

Monday 4 March

The March social was kindly hosted and planned by Fran and Malcolm from their home in the Gilmerton area. There were 32 controls, all on fire hydrant signs fixed to lampposts, from which we had to note down a number. On a clear, slightly cold but dry evening we (14 of us) had to opt for a 45min or 60min score with a penalty for being late back. There was no knowing how big your score was going to be till you got there (a bit of pot luck you could say) and any penalty was a number drawn out of a bag (more pot luck), mine was 4.

The results were: 60min - Mark Rowe; 45min - Maggie Scrugham. Anne Hickling also got a spot prize for getting exactly 100 pts.

Afterwards there was chat about the run, the day before's orienteering at Cumbernauld and a good catch up whilst partaking of the tasty finger food provided.

Fiona Findlay