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Coaching & Training 4: the Light Green course

This is the fourth article in a series by Roger Scrutton. Following on from "Coaching & Training 3: the Orange Course", this article continues the transition from White and Yellow courses to Green and above, progressing from Stage 3 to Stage 4 of the Long Term Athlete Development framework. Once

Tue 19 May 2020Read more…

Coaching & Training 1 - 4 Review

This article is part of a series by Roger Scrutton, and reviews the topics covered in articles 1 to 4. It first appeared in the March-April 2020 issue of 'Capital-O', the ESOC newsletter.

Tue 19 May 2020Read more…

Coaching & Training 5: Green, Blue, Brown, Black courses

This is the fifth article in a series by Roger Scrutton, and it describes courses at Technical Difficulty 5 (TD 5). This article discusses relocation, a key skill for courses at TD 5, before explaining other TD 5 challenges. This article first appeared in the May-June 2020 issue of 'Capital-O', the

Tue 19 May 2020Read more…

May Social 2020Monday 11 May

Another virtual social, this time organised by Mary Williams.

Fri 15 May 2020Read more…

Turf – Outdoor Addiction

This article, by Crawford Lindsay, gives an introduction to Turf. It appeared in the May 2020 issue of Capital-O.

Tue 12 May 2020Read more…

Oxgangs Jigsaw ChallengeAnother lockdown challenge

We should have had our first 'Sprintelope' on Wednesday 22nd April but we have to make do with the challenge of doing a jigsaw of the area.

Wed 29 Apr 2020Read more…

April Social 2020Monday 6 April

ESOC’s first virtual social, hosted by Fran Daley.

Sat 11 Apr 2020Read more…

ESOC Lockdown Blackford Challenge!Guess the Course

Read on to find out what David Lane has set up for us

Wed 8 Apr 2020Read more…

ESOC’S Lockdown ROUTEGADGET CHALLENGE!Improve your route choice skills

No problem if you haven’t used Routegadget before, just have a go!

Mon 6 Apr 2020Read more…

ESOC Lockdown Planning Competition!No excuses for not keeping involved in orienteering

DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 2nd MAY. Hone your planning skills, discover skills you didn't know you had or just have fun having a go

Sat 4 Apr 2020Read more…

CompassSport Cup Scottish Heat 2020Errochty, 15 March

ESOC have qualified for the CompassSport Cup Final.

Mon 16 Mar 2020Read more…

Scottish Middle Distance Championships 2020Gleneagles Arena, 14 March

There was a great turnout from ESOC at the Scottish Middle Distance Championships, organised by Masterplan Adventure, and 6 of the champions were from ESOC.

Mon 16 Mar 2020Read more…

ESOC Incorporate as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO)

The assets of the club were formally transferred to the new SCIO on Saturday 14 March 2020.

Sat 14 Mar 2020Read more…

SOUL 3, 2020Johnshaven, 7 March

The third event in the 2020 Scottish Orienteering Urban League was presented by MAROC as part of their Deeside weekend, featuring urban and forest events.

Mon 9 Mar 2020Read more…

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