Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Aliens from Glen Tanar raise money for ScotJOSRoyal Deeside 2017

These Aliens had landed in Glen Tanar.  They worked on the Day 1 string course before agreeing to be rehomed (for money) to raise money for the Scottish Junior Squad

Many of you might have caught sight of some of these Aliens if you were at the Bonaly Sprintelope back in late June. They were spotted lurking in a utility room in Redford Drive. What on earth were they up to? What would become of them?

They eventually landed in Glen Tanar on Deeside and were next spotted by dozens, if not hundreds, of people on the Day 1 string course. Each one had a name and a history. They had to work very hard there to entertain all the juniors who took part in the string course. They enthralled children and adults alike. Everyone who met them was immediately hooked by their cuteness. So much so that they agreed to buy a raffle ticket to try to win the chance to rehome one of the Aliens at the end of the Scottish 6 Days.

The Aliens made further personal appearances throughout the week of the Scottish 6 Days. They were usually in the company of a member of the Scottish Junior Squad (ScotJOS) or one of the ScotJOS parents who were using these personal appearances to encourage even more people to buy raffle tickets to win the opportunity to rehome one.

By Thursday night (Day 4) the time had come to make the decision about where the Aliens would be rehomed. This was done at Ballater camp site by a small group which included Judy Bell and Rachel Brown from ESOC as well as Elizabeth Furness, ScotJOS Manager. In other words the raffle was drawn!

The list of winners was presented at the Information Tent in the Day 5 arena. The lucky winners collected their Alien to take to their new home. The furthest travelled has gone to Finland and the others are spread all over the UK. From ESOC Thea won one as did Luke Davidson (nephew of Andrea and Jonathan). We think one went to East Linton in the care of Kathryn Neill.

If you spot one in the future, please let us know that they are happy and contented in their new home.

On a more serious note, this project was the brainchild of Judy Bell and family. Judy was hard at work over many months to create the Aliens. She even took some of them to visit Glen Tanar in advance of Day 1 to scout out the string course area and to have promotional photos taken. A huge undertaking which was a great success for Judy, for ESOC and for ScotJOS.

A total of £1280 was raised for ScotJOS funds which was absolutely amazing.