Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

April Social 2016Monday 11 April

 A fun evening in the Dean Village and surrounding area.

A dry and reasonably warm evening drew 13 of us to Anne and Bill Stevenson’s house for the April social. Bill briefed us on what was planned – a 40 minute score with photo opportunities for bonus points. One of the pieces of advice was that there were likely to be closed gates, with those known about marked on the map. That didn’t make much difference to some of us; at one point, we were left staring at each other through such a gate and realising that we had to go the long way round. Eventually everyone got back to the house, with only a few over time. And some of us had even got some photo bonus points.

While we were out, our numbers had been swelled to 22 by those who didn’t want to (or couldn’t) run. Then it was down to the important part of the evening – eating and chatting.

While this was going on, we were waiting on tenterhooks for Bill to announce the winners. Chocolate was the order of the evening for the prizewinners. The male winners were easy – Jamie Cunningham was 1st, Mark Rowe was 2nd and Ewart Scott was 3rd. On the female side, Alison Cunningham was 1st, with Katy Lessells 2nd and Janice Nisbet 3rd. Or perhaps it may have been Janice 2nd and Katy 3rd – the number of boulders at one control site depended on whether or not you went into the bushes!

Thanks to Bill and Anne for a fun evening.

Robert Findlay

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